DPCalendar - Responsive Joomla Calendar and Event Manager

Intuitive 100% responsive ajax based interface which allows the visitor to browse the events without a page refresh on your Joomla site. It comes with drag and drop support and integrates smooth any external calendar like MS Exchange, iCloud, Google Calendar, ownCloud or Facebook Events.


DPCases - Modern Joomla Case Management Tool

To provide the best support to your customers a case management tool is a must. DPCases is a combination of the best features from a ticket tool, forum and issue tracker. You can define your own workflow, as the status are freely configurable. Cases can be organised in categories to represent your company's structure.


DPAttachments - Slick Joomla Attachment suite

Enhance your Joomla site with attachment support for articles. People will be able to drag and drop files or copy paste the clipboard content straight into articles or DPCalendar events. If you are an extension developer you can easily integrate attachment support into your extension with just three lines of code.


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