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Our mission is to be a gear of the Joomla Ecosystem and their community. We respect the Open Source ideology. That's why we offer fully functional FREE versions of our products. All of our extensions are GPL licensed to give you freedom to use. No calls home to ensure your privacy.


Become a pro

Digital Peak develops professional and rock solid Joomla extensions. Are you looking for advanced features and top support? Our competitive subscription bundles have clear prices and no hidden fees. We even have a relaxed 30 days money back guarantee, no question asked!


You are in good hands here at Digital Peak

We built Joomla's 3.7 custom fields feature and are active contributing in the Joomla 4 development group. Beside that, we are maintainer of the core CMS. We know what we are talking about!


We put a lot of effort into our extensions to make them as fast as possible, using the newest tech stack.


Our extensions can be adjusted perfect to your web site. While still being awesome and upgrade safe.


Support is top notch, you get answers directly from our developers. We care about you and your site.


We are around since 2007 and will be for a long time as we love Joomla and what we do, every day. No joke.

Why Digital Peak

Software should work for you – it should be simple, accessible, easy to use and above all, it should do what it says on the tin. But it isn't always the case and unless you have some pretty high level technical knowledge, you are going find it pretty tricky to make it work in the way you want. This is where Digital Peak comes in. The development of products to make your use of software easier and more productive is what we are all about. Well, that, and a lot more besides.

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Latest Blog Posts

Image editing
DPMedia resize improvements and core field enhancements Oct 27 2022

This month we added small enhancements to DPMedia, DPCalendar and DPAttachments which will make the life of Joomla admins much more easier. Beside that, DPMedia is also split into individual...

DPCalendar new plugins and packages
New DPCalendar plugins and smaller packages Sep 22 2022

This month we put our focus on extensibility. DPCalendar comes with four new plugins and DPAttachments can be integrated at a deeper level, by providing more Joomla event hooks. With version 8.6.0...

Certificates header
Certificate support, more tasks and attachments uploads in forms Aug 25 2022

This month we have some exciting new features ready for you. DPCalendar got certificate support and has new Joomla core scheduler tasks while DPAttachments can do now uploads in article forms.

lense marking a release date
Changes in release strategy Jun 09 2022

Since years we have a well defined release strategy. Every fourth Thursday in month a patch release and in May and November a new feature release is shipped. As DPMedia landed in our portfolio, we...

Chain representing references
References in Joomla 4 media manager and more May 26 2022

This month we have a new DPMedia filesystem plugin for you which displays references for media files in the Joomla core media manager. Beside that we have improved the booking workflow in DPCalendar and added...

Digital Peak Joomla 4 releases
New feature day Feb 23 2022

Today is a big day in history of Digital Peak. We are releasing two new major versions, a minor and a patch release. Read on for more information what got changed in DPCases, DPAttachments, DPMedia...

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