Responsive Joomla Extensions

Digital Peak delivers professional responsive Joomla extensions. That means they look nice on all devices; desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Our extensions adapt, render and automatically adjust to the visitors screens size to get a smooth user experience and having the full functionality at the same time.

Mobile internet usage is overtaking desktop internet usage already, so we at Digital Peak want to be part of this new area of web experience and think you should it be too.


Responsive Joomla Calendar on multiple devices

Social and SEO

Our extensions, with its sleek design, can be integrated with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter easily. Some extension let users comment on their items with their Facebook profile.

All of our items like events or cases support meta data fields and generate SEO friendly url's through the native Joomla router.

DPCalendar supports structured data to enhance your SERP listing. The events automatically come with microdata tags which can be interpreted by the well known search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Yandex.


Freedom to use

Digital Peak offers professional and rock solid Joomla extensions. Our mission is to be a gear of the Joomla Eco system and their community and to respect the Open Source ideology. This means all of our extensions are GPL licensed to give you the freedom to use.

The extensions can be used on unlimited domains and can be used even when the subscription is expired.

We also have 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Means we will ask you only what happened and give you a prompt refund within 30 days. It is recommended to read or terms and conditions.



Our mission is to be a gear of the Joomla Ecosystem and their community. We respect the Open Source ideology. That's why we offer fully functional FREE versions of our products. All of our extensions are GPL licensed to give you freedom to use.


Digital Peak develops professional and rock solid Joomla extensions. For them who seek advanced features and top notch support, directly from our developers, we offer competitive subscription bundles. There are no hidden fees, what you pay is what you get.

You are in good hands here at Digital Peak. We built Joomla's 3.7 custom fields feature and are active contributing in the Joomla 4 development group. We know what we are talking about!



Joomla Calendar and Event Manager

Intuitive 100% responsive ajax based interface which allows the visitor to browse the events without a page refresh on your Joomla site. It comes with drag and drop support and integrates smooth any external calendar like MS Exchange, iCloud, Google Calendar, ownCloud or Facebook Events.




The CCK you want

A simple but powerful CCK based on Joomla's custom fields feature. It offers to set up unlimited content types to let you fill them with entities, organised by categories. It fills the need to have freely filterable and sortable lists. Additionally it contains a growing list of custom fields plugins.




Modern Joomla Case Management Tool

To provide the best support to your customers a case management tool is a must. DPCases is a combination of the best features from a ticket tool, forum and issue tracker. You can define your own workflow, as the status are freely configurable. Cases can be organised in categories to represent your company's structure.




Visitor insights within Joomla

Visualize your Google analytics data within Joomla. A freely configurable dashboard in the back end gives you quick access to your relevant data. On the front end you can set up modules or menu items showing lists and charts with your vistor statistics. No need to switch anymore windows.




Slick Joomla Attachment suite

Enhance your Joomla site with attachment support for articles. People will be able to drag and drop files or copy paste the clipboard content straight into articles or DPCalendar events. If you are an extension developer you can easily integrate attachment support into your extension with just three lines of code.


Why Digital Peak

Software should work for you – it should be simple, accessible, easy to use and above all, it should do what it says on the tin. But it isn't always the case and unless you have some pretty high level technical knowledge, you are going find it pretty tricky to make it work in the way you want. This is where Digital Peak comes in. The development of products to make your use of software easier and more productive is what we are all about. Well, that, and a lot more besides.

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