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Our mission is to be a gear of the Joomla Ecosystem and their community. We respect the Open Source ideology. That's why we offer fully functional FREE versions of our products. All of our extensions are GPL licensed to give you freedom to use. No calls home to ensure your privacy.


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Digital Peak develops professional and rock solid Joomla extensions. Are you looking for advanced features and top support? Our competitive subscription bundles have clear prices and no hidden fees. We even have a relaxed 30 days money back guarantee, no question asked!


You are in good hands here at Digital Peak

We built Joomla's 3.7 custom fields feature and are active contributing in the Joomla 5 development group. Beside that, we are maintainer of the core CMS. We know what we are talking about!


We put a lot of effort into our extensions to make them as fast as possible, using the newest tech stack.


Our extensions can be adjusted perfect to your web site. While still being awesome and upgrade safe.


Support is top notch, you get answers directly from our developers. We care about you and your site.


We are around since 2007 and will be for a long time as we love Joomla and what we do, every day. No joke.

Why Digital Peak

Software should work for you – it should be simple, accessible, easy to use and above all, it should do what it says on the tin. But it isn't always the case and unless you have some pretty high level technical knowledge, you are going find it pretty tricky to make it work in the way you want. This is where Digital Peak comes in. The development of products to make your use of software easier and more productive is what we are all about. Well, that, and a lot more besides.

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Latest Blog Posts

Improved code quality and new CDN updates urls Jan 23 2024

Our continuous integration platform has been in operation for quite some time now and the amount of system tests, which are testing our extensions on every code change, are growing rapidly. An area...

New translation system Dec 11 2023

Digital Peak is located in Switzerland where we have four national languages, multilanguage is basically in our blood. This is the reason why our extensions speak many different languages. So it is...

Earth as intro image
Spicing up DPCalendar Nov 21 2023

As our products are famous for their integration into other services and Joomla extensions, we are happy to deliver an update with even more possibilities within DPCalendar. Our YOOtheme Pro and...

Man waiting for Joomla 5
Why Joomla 5.0 is the most important release in history Sep 23 2023

In this article we give you some insight about the next major release 5.0 of our lovely Joomla CMS. This article doesn't list the new features, it is more about the importance of the first major...

Joomla 5 direction
Joomla 5 compatibility Aug 24 2023

The latest alpha version of Joomla 5 was released this week on Tuesday. It means that no breaking changes will be added anymore and it is time to add Joomla 5 compatibility to our extensions. Beside Joomla...

We got hacked Aug 23 2023

We are victims of the AcyMailing remote code execution vulnerability as well and our site got hacked. AcyMailing is a widely used extension in the Joomla community so it is a hard incident as many...

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