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Software should work for you – it should be simple, accessible, easy to use and above all, it should do what it says on the tin. But it isn't always the case and unless you have some pretty high level technical knowledge, you are going find it pretty tricky to make it work in the way you want. This is where Digital Peak comes in. The development of products to make your use of software easier and more productive is what we are all about. Well, that, and a lot more besides.

Digital Peak is the brainchild of technology whizz and BSc degree holder, Allon Moritz. He started the business from the depths of a Swiss farmhouse in 2007 and in the years since, it has grown to include a few more partners – not least Paul Streffon, the number one support guy from the States, Jonathan Moritz, the marketing expert and Silvia Moritz who takes care of the most important aspect of any business – administration.

Digital Peak believes in the coming together of ideas and creativity, to create a great community designed to get things done. This isn't about a client and provider relationship, this is about being a part of a family of like minded geeky types. Our products might be your first step into the Digital Peak world – but we know that before too long you will be struggling to leave. After all, where else can you get access to great products, superior knowledge and a fun, cool atmosphere?

As we are using Open Source software since the early ages, we always believed in the idea of freedom for software. That's why we started in 2007 with a small calendar extension for Joomla 1.x, which exist till today and grow to one of the most popular Joomla extension. Yep, we made a number of great products since then, we sell them and we give them away. But it isn't all that we are and do. We see ourselves as part of a much bigger cog in the Internet wheel. We can share knowledge and offer services designed to meet your needs – but we want you to become part of the machine too. By coming together – big things can happen.

Chat on our forum, read our blogs, get involved and tell us what you want and how we can help. Become part of the answer, rather than just complaining about the problem. This is about collaboration and a means to an end. Technology is not a product or a service – it is an entity. It is something available to us all to use, share and disseminate freely. That is what Open Source is all about and it is the ethos we live by.

The team of Digital Peak

Allon Moritz

Position: Develper, Support, Marketing, Documentation

Twitter: @digitpeak@laoneo

Github: laoneo

Allon, aka. laoneo, is the founder of Digital Peak and has his hands in almost anything which is Digital Peak related. Contributing to the Joomla CMS is for him fun and tries to spend as much time as possible on the big problems of Joomla, like custom fields support or the bootstrap misere. Doesn't like to publish all his activities on social profiles, so what you see are only pieces of his life, not a full timeline.

Allon Moritz

Paul Streffon

Position: Support, Documentation



Paul is the number one support guy. He helps out on every problem and likes to get the Digital Peak software up and running on any environment. A problem solver which seeks the chalenge and does not run away from it! Paul is traveling a lot, so he mostly answers on times other sleep. On the other hand, to document is his passion and he has a good feeling to create training videos on all aspects of your software.


Ciaran Walsh

Position: Design, UX

Ciaran does all the creative stuff at Digital Peak, designing new web sites till improving the UX on our Joomla extensions. So he thinks, a pixel says more than thousand words. Never stops moving stuff around to try out new things, even tough it looks almost perfect. He tweaks out the last bit of the bootstrap CSS framework for our extensions or custom web sites.


Silvia Moritz

Position: Administration

Silvia ist the good soul behind the scenes. Keeps the stuff organized. Likes pinterest, but doesn't twee, like Machete.


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