DPCalendr 8.1

A half year after the 8.0 major release, this here is the first minor release with some cool new features. The biggest ones are the timeline calendar view and the waiting list option for events. Read on for more information about DPCalendar 8.1.

Automated system tests in Joomla

As Joomla 4 is on the horizon, extension developers have to make their products available on two different major versions. So testing your extension becomes even more important. Instead of doing it manually with your components, modules or plugins, it is much more convenient to make that process automated and repeatable. In this blog post you will learn why it's time now to start with automated system testing.

DPCalerndar 8 party

We are very excited to release DPCalendar version 8. It is a next big step in our history. We revamped the whole booking process and got rid of many legacy code from the last years. Making a new major version is always an exciting task for developers. You are allowed to redo things which are not compatible with the previous version. But the challenge is, how far you would go. We tried to make the update as easy as possible, but please pay attention to our breaking changes chapter as well, there are things you have to check after the update. But lets dive now in the amazing list of new features.

DPCalendar 7.4

These are difficult times right now. But we are here to support you as best as we can. That's why we ship a not planed minor release of DPCalendar with new features you expect from an event management extension. We focused on making the process of canceling events much simpler. Beside that we offer new options with user management after a booking is created. And last but not least, our Javascripts got much faster, smaller and loaded only when really required, so the time to become interactive on your site is shorter. Read on for more information.

Super fast joomla extensions

The time is over where Joomla site creators installed every half baked plugin. Nowadays webpages are built professionally and an extension is carefully chosen. People expect a performant package with a small footprint. We at Digital Peak take that requirement seriously. In this blog post we would like to share some insights how we manage, build and finally deliver our assets to the browser.

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