exchange-icloud-owncloudWe are thrilled to release DPCalendar 3.2 with some amazing new features. The main focus was to integrate additional external calendar sources into DPCalendar. More and more people have the need to show their personal or corporate events in Joomla. So we decided to integrate Microsoft Exchange services and any CalDAV server into DPCalendar. Beside that we made some performance improvements. We lowered the amount of Javascript and CSS files which are loaded in DPCalendar. The Joomla calendar has now out of the box support for structured data. What this means to you will be explained in detail in the following chapters.

Microsoft Exchange integration

Every Microsoft Exchange server has a SOAP API to access the calendar date. DPCalendar is able to integrate through this API your corporate events from any MS Exchange server. A successful pilot was completed for an Intranet of a well known specialized law firm in the Netherlands. Under guidance of Digital Peak and the customers external administrator Frank Westerhout from his own company ClassBase was the project finished within a couple of days. More customers already integrated their Exchange server into DPCalendar already. Why not you?

CalDAV integration

CalDAV is a worldwide internet standard to access scheduling information of calendar systems like iCloud or ownCloud. It is based on the WebDAV specification and allows external client applications like Thunderbird, iCal or any iOS or android smartphone and tablet to access the events of CalDAV servers. Now the list of clients can be extended with DPCalendar! But the integration is not read only, if you have the sufficient permissions you can update the CalDAV events directly from DPCalendar with it's Ajax based interface. No need to swap the systems. We come out of the box with two way CalDAV sync.

Rich snippets

All major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex support structured data in their search results. More information can be found at What does it mean for your SEO? For example if you are a band who wants tho show your next gigs directly in search engines results, you have to enable the DPCalendar upcoming module on your landing page, that's it! No complex configuration. Check the image below how our demo site looks like on Google search.


What else?

Here is a list of other changes which should simplify your life of managing events with DPCalendar:

  • Administrator notification
    You can define for the "Create", "Update" and "Delete" actions the user groups which should be notified through E-Mail when something changed.
  • Google Plus comments
    Beside the already existing commenting systems JComments, CComment and Facebook comments we support a new commenting proveder. Google Plus comments allows Google users to share their thoughts on your calendar or events.
  • Week numbers
    Week numbers can be shown in the calendar views.
  • External calendars search
    The search plugin supports to search in external calendars.

Many more performance improvements and bugs are fixed as well.

What comes next?

In the next major release of DPCalendar we will introduce attending events where your users will be able to register on the premier Joomla calendar events. The long outstanding function "Reminder notification" will be implemented in this release as well. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the progress.

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