dpsliderI thought I would take the opportunity to announce (and introduce you to) DPSlider, our newest free extension for the Joomla! CMS. DPSlider is a content slider module that provides you with a responsive, touch-enabled page section through which multiple (up to 10) ‘sub-pages’, or slides, of content can be displayed in a slideshow fashion. Each separate slide can be swiped/dragged left or right to display the next slide (we have enabled wraparound so the last slide will wrap to the first and vice versa), or you can click on any individual slide on the position indicator to directly display the contents on that slide.

You can use DPSlider for various purposes; as we have used it on our DPCalendar product page for explaining its (DPCalendar’s, that is) individual benefits, in a photo gallery to ‘flip’ through different pictures, or as a drop-in streamlined (yet still surprisingly powerful) replacement for SlideShare or other presentation slide deck viewers. Or think up your own use; you’re limited only by your imagination.

DPSlider is still in its early days yet, so documentation is somewhat sparse on our site, and of course, there are a number of features we plan to add over the course of its development. However, as it is now, it is 100% usable and will add some fun (and functionality) to any existing Joomla-powered website. So do keep a watch out for new cool things we might do later (e.g. more slide transition effects, higher number of slides supported, autoplay option, 3D, that sort of thing), but in the meantime, this is a lightweight alternative to the other slider extensions you may have seen.

Here is our listing in the Joomla Extensions Directory, and have a look at our documentation on our own website. See how it works on our DPCalendar web page. You can get a copy of the source code from our code repository on Github  and play around with it a bit, or even fork it and create some pull requests. I highly encourage you to try it out, and do let us know what you think about it. Who knows, the next revision might have your ideas in it!

This Joomla module is free of charge and can be downloaded withou registration and can be used without any limitation. That's a thank you to the Joomla community!

Mad props go out to iDangero.us, and especially their Swiper slider, which is where we, er, “swiped” and adapted some of the code (thanks, guys!).

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