We have been on a roll these past few weeks! First was our DPSlider extension, and our case management tool (which, incidentally, is why we may not have been as quick to respond to support issues as we have been), and now I would like to introduce to you our latest free extension: DPAttachments. DPAttachments is a simple but very powerful attachment extension suite, which seamlessly integrates file attachments into articles (or any other component which triggers the onContentAfterDisplay event).

DPAttachments integrates automatically with the following extensions:

  • Content Articles

  • DPCases

  • DPCalendar Events

  • And many more ....

How to use

Just drag and drop files into the article area, and the attachment will be generated automatically. If the file can be viewed in the browser, a preview mode is available, and download tracking comes out-of-the-box as standard.

There are plenty of use cases for this extension; I’m sure you will have your own, but here are a few (just to get your creative juices flowing):

  • Menus and business card attachments when food blogging

  • Flyers, brochures and coupons or vouchers when promoting a new product

  • Videos for HOWTO articles (as opposed to using YouTube to stream)

  • Screenshots for reporting support issues

  • Files as additional information for events

If you have any other ideas, send them along to us!

Behind the scenes

On a technical note, DPAttachments attaches files to Joomla items like articles and inherits it's ACL settings. This means that you can use this extension without worrying who can manage attachments on a new place. The attachments are stored locally on your website, and the Joomla site administrator can remove them if space constraint issues crop up.

If you want to integrate DPAttachments into your own component, do read the developer guide at http://joomla.digital-peak.com – it only takes two lines of code, and you extension does support attachments.


DPAttachments is in its early stages and a preview release can be downloaded by our active DPCalendar subscribers from our download portal. After further testing and feedback from you, we will then make it available for free to the public. This is a big THANK YOU for your support all over the years for Digital Peak!!

We do plan to have additional features built into it, and be reassured that we will constantly (and vigorously!) be auditing our code to ensure the highest compatibility standard with the Joomla codebase, along with the new features. Please keep in mind that DPAttachments runs on Joomla 3.1 or higher only.

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