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After the success of the major version 5.0 of DPCalendar, we made DPCalendar 5.1 available to the public as FREE or paid version. To figure out whet is the different between the different packages check out the comparison table. We fixed over 10 bugs and added over 20 new features and enhancements to DPCalendar 5.1. Some of the highlights are:

Location cache improvements

For external events, DPCalendar caches the locations now in the database and not anymore in the Joomla cache. This means, if there is something wrong with a location in an external event like from your Google calendar, then you can edit the location in the DPCalendar location administrator to the correct settings. This reduces also the load of Google maps API calls as with the Joomla cache, where the locations have been be re-fetched every two days.

Various attendee improvements

As there are more and more new feature request for the attending part of DPCalendar, we are constantly improving it. MS Exchange and iCalendar attendees are now displayed in the event details view. To get more information about the attendee itself, native DPCalendar attendees do support new location fields like country or street. When a visitor is attending an event, she/he can fill it's address information to beside the already available fields E-Mail and telephone number.

Improved structured data markup

DPCalendar supports structured data out of the box. We made the generated tags 100% W3C valid and improved the markup for better visualization on the SERP's.

MS Exchange integration improvements

As we already mentioned, MS Exchange attendees are now displayed in the event details page. Additionally inline images and event attachments are now available within DPCalendar as well from your corporate MS Exchange server or Outlook 365 account.

Many small improvements

Some small improvements were made all over DPCalendar you would like. For example when you change the start date of an event, the end data adapts itself to the increment automatically. Or the CalDAV link is displayed beside the iCal link for easier subscription. It is also possible to filter events for tags or locations in the calendar view. This are only some of the enhancements in this new version.

The following list represents the full changelog of version 5.1:

  • [#36]   Choice of calendars is not saved on page reload
  • [#42]   Flexible hour subperiods
  • [#159]   Attendees in Exchange plugin
  • [#949]   DPCalendar and Falang
  • [#1408]   RSEvents Pro plugin
  • [#2062]   Filter by Location
  • [#2555]   Filter by tag
  • [#2511]   Link to author contact page
  • [#2594]   Add address to attendee form
  • [#2402]   Support of attendees in ical
  • [#1065]   Update mail when changing the attendee
  • [#1215]   Display returns to current month after submitting new entry
  • [#2117]   Embedded Images and attachments are not loaded in Exchange Sync
  • [#2307]   Update Google library to prevent class loading conflicts
  • [#2326]   Creating location objects in database instead of Joomla cache
  • [#2343]   Increment end date on start change
  • [#2492]   Mini module include personal calendar/events
  • [#2514]   Upcoming event module description text not showing
  • [#2579]   Show CalDav Link in Calendar Overview
  • [#2582]   Invalid microdata markup
  • [#2583]   Change datestring in layout override
  • [#2562]   Bug in search for original events in backend
  • [#2512]   System message pushed away
  • [#2523]   List print view doesn't load events
  • [#2527]   Location tab cannot be selected on the edit form
  • [#2543]   Importing from JEvents results in an error
  • [#2578]   TZ switcher wrong redirect when no SEF
  • [#2585]   Upcoming module showing events not yet reached publishing date
  • [#2595]   Missing space in US location format

Best Regards

Allon Moritz aka laoneo
Founder of Digital Peak

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