dpcalendar 52Since the beginning of DPCalendar, custom fields was high on the priority list of features to support. But somehow we wanted to do it right and Joomla was not ready for it. Now we have it! DPFields integrates seamless into DPCalendar (and DPCases, articles, users and modules). Defining your custom fields is now as easy as 123. But we did also some more interesting things in DPCalendar 5.2.

Custom fields

With DPFields we have created an extension suite which integrates seamless custom fields into DPCalendar. Just install DPFields as described here and you will see a new menu item called fields in the DPCalendar sidebar on your Joomla back end. The fields will be rendered on your Joomla front site. You can event customize the output of the fields, render them inside the event description or handle them completely in your layout override. All of that is described here.

You can even define custom fields for the attendee form and locations.

And now comes the burner, it is FREE of charge!!

backend fields list

New cache function

It is now possible to cache external events (Google calendar, iCloud, Facebook, MS Exchange) in the database beside the Joomla cache. This enables to use the full SQL power while fetching the events. Additionally the server admin can set up a cron job to sync the external events in the back ground. Like that the events will never being fetched during a page request, which will dramatically improve the page speed and the user experience. You will find more details in the cache article on our knowledge base.

speedy page load

Location improvements

Locations are an important part of an event management extension. So we have improved the location management and maps all over DPCalendar. When loading external events, then the locations are imported into the DPCalendar Location Manager this allows the admin to do some adjustments when the locations are displayed for events like from your Google calendar or iCloud account. Additionally it is now possible to show a map on the list and blog view with the events. The markers of the events on the map are not reflecting the color of the event itself for better identification.

The event details view shows now extended location information like the full address, description and custom fields information of the location itself.

list view with map

Better Joomla integration

One of the strong features of DPCalendar was, is and will ever be the seamless integration into Joomla. On the back end it looks like the article manager and on the front it uses the Bootstrap commands as every extension does, to fully leverage the mobile friendly aspect of your template. Joomla has introduced a smarter sidebar on the back end in Joomla 3.3. With DPCalendar 5.2, we set the minimum required Joomla version to 3.3 to fully integrate into the Joomla sidebar.


Facebook auto publish

Nowadays almost every web site is connected to Facebook page and a Twitter account. Since a couple of releases we do support Twitter auto updates. Now we have the same for Facebook pages. You can define for every Facebook page which native events should publish status updates on the page timeline.


Many small improvements

Some small improvements were made all over DPCalendar you would like. For example when you create an event on your Google calendar from within DPCalendar, the correct timezone is set. Or the images of the event can be set now also on the front form. This are only some of the enhancements in this new version.

The following list represents the full changelog of version 5.2:

  • [#1930]   Autopublish event updates to facebook
  • [#2588]   Cache external events in database
  • [#2656]   Custom fields in DPCalendar
  • [#2663]   Show a map on the list view
  • [#2040]   Override display color
  • [#2664]   Timezone not set in Google calendar
  • [#2728]   Adapt to Joomla 3.3 sidebar
  • [#2780]   Open event calendar links in same window
  • [#2781]   How to add Event Image frontend
  • [#2788]   Extended location information on event details
  • [#2706]   Deprecated error when loading Facebook events
  • [#2687]   Drag&Drop on external calendars doesn't work for regular user
  • [#2697]   Wrong encoding on iCal plugin with HTML description
  • [#2725]   Errors After upgrading from J2.5 to J3.4.x
  • [#2737]   Deleted items in iCal/CalDAV feeds
  • [#2766]   Events Map doesn't show events

Best Regards

Allon Moritz aka laoneo
Founder of Digital Peak

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