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As more and more templates are based on Bootstrap 3, our aim was to support it fully as well. DPCalendar was working properly with BS3 before, but with version 5.5 we went one step further and do actively use it. We do keep BC, means it will work on your template as before. Beside that we added some more outstanding features like multiple prices per event or early bird discounts. The release notes and downloads of DPCalendar 5.5 can be found here.

Bootstrap 3 compatibility

Despite the fact that Joomla is based on Bootstrap 2, more and more templates are shipped with Bootstrap 3. This makes sense as BS2 is end of life and BS3 is nowadays the state of the art. DPCalendar was working properly with BS 3 since the beginning but 100% compatibility was never guaranteed. In DPCalendar 5.5 we added the missing classes for the bs3 grids and changed the default settings of the modal popup to Joomla, to not conflict with the BS3 modals anymore. We tested to implementation with some of the most common BS3 templates like Purity III from JoomlArt. Let us know if it works with your BS3 template as well.

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Multiple prices

A long outstanding feature of DPCalendar, the Joomla event manager, to have multiple prices per event, got finally implemented. You can define per event as many prices you want. Per price you can define the label and a description. These information will be shown on the event details page.

If the visitor wants to book tickets for the event, then an amount of tickets per price type can be selected. If there are tickets already booked for an event, then the pricing values can't be changed anymore.

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5 5 prices booking

Early bird discounts

To offer some discount for visitors who book early, the site admin can define unlimited early bird discounts. For every discount a value, type and date must be set. The value defines the amount of discount. The type if the value should reduce the price as fixed value or percentage of the original price. The date specifies till when the discount is valid. The date can be relative to the event date or absolute.

5 5 early bird edit

5 5 early bird front


Beside that we fixed a couple of minor bugs and did some small enhancements for a new experience for the Joomla calendar and event manager. The following list represents the full changelog of the new 5.5 version:

  • [#67]   Show calendars of menu item first, when creating an event
  • [#1011]   Multiple prices to book tickets for
  • [#2493]   Add 'show only my events on/off' option in module
  • [#3830]   Full Bootstrap 3 compatibility
  • [#3845]   Early bird discount
  • [#2713]   Parameter startdate and enddate missing to filter events
  • [#3861]   Show ticket holders in event details
  • [#3883]   Booking information text field
  • [#3906]   Maps Javascript API parameter
  • [#3919]   End of support for GCalendar
  • [#3841]   Wrong alias when location has already title
  • [#3864]   Remove uneeded space when using date ordinal sufix
  • [#3867]   Dropdown number of tickets shows not all max tickets
  • [#3887]   Map Module does not display map together with upcoming
  • [#3924]   Error is thrown when external calendars are deleted in upcoming module

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