dpcalendar-33With our brand new DPCalendar version 3.3 we welcome your site visitors and let them to attend on your events. Reminders will be sent out to them when an event will happen that they will not miss the action. Beside that we introduced some more nice little adons which we will explain in more detail afterwards. But first we want to express some compatibility status about DPCalendar itself.

DPCalendar runs on Joomla 2.5 and 3.x and has the same look and feel on both versions. This means we use the same code on both branches. Joomla 2.5 contains no bootstrap library or the jQuery framework which DPCalendar contains as falback if they are not available. With that we can guarantee full responsiveness of DPCalendar and no version mismatch or missing features on Joomla 2.5.

Now lets dive into the new great features of DPCalendar the Joomla calendar of your choice.

Event attending

attend eventIf the event has enough capacity the visitor can attend an event by providing his name and email address. Additionally he can define the time before the event starts when he want's to be notified per mail as reminder. You as user have to run a cron job every minute to check if reminders need to be sent out. If the event is a series event the visitor can specify if he/she wants to attend the whole series or only single events. The creator of the event has the option to directly attend the event on the edit form when a event is modified or created.

In the permission tab of the calendar the event belongs to the site administrator can define the rules which user groups can attend events. This means you have the possibility to let only a few chosen people to attend events.


Facebook page events integration

Nowadays it became state of the art to have a Facebook page if you have a product, are a business or brand or an organisation. Facebook allows to create events on your fan page. But you want to let your web site visitors know about this events. DPCalendar allows not to include events up to 10 pages without a breeeze. Just provide your page id, app id and the secret to get access to the events in the DPCalendar Facebook plugin and we do the rest. The events will be integrated in DPCalendar as your ordinary events.

Of course your personal events from your Facebook account can still be integrated by the old way.

CalDAV access

 A big demand from web site administrators is to manage the Joomla calendars from DPCalendar from their preferred Calendar applications like Outlook, Thunderbird or iCal from Apple, even right from their smartphone or tablet is needed. Till now it was only possible to manage the personal calendars. But now you can manage the global DPCalendar calendars through CalDAV. In your CalDAV application you cal login with your Joomla credentials and as calendar url you can use an url with the following schema:

Many more

We improved the performance fro Firefox and Internet Explorer rendering. Beside that we are offering some new configuration options for the main calendar menu link and mini module. And last but not least we fixed some little bugs to deliver you a rock solid stable Joomla calendar extension suite.

What will come next?

In our next release we will focus on more flexibility in external calendar integration. This means you will be able to add unlimited external calendars from your desired event system. We try to implement two way sync on as many systems as possible when allowed.

It will also be possible to buy tickets to events through a payment processor to automate the event registration.

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