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We just released DPCalendar version 5.4 with some amazing new features. Or mission is to make one of the smartest Joomla event system out of DPCalendar. Beside the well know integration plugins to integrate your Google calendar, iCloud or Exchange events we are investing a large amount of time to make the booking and ticket system more convenient for you. Read on what we did on that part of DPCalendar and for more amazing new features.

Booking and tickets improvements

The biggest change in the booking part is to set an end date where no more bookings are allowed. This date can be set in the event settings and can be an absolute or relative date to the start date of the event. Further changes are that the event limit is now globally per user or mail address. This means a person can not book on the second booking more tickets when the limit is already reached on the first booking.

When the event changes, the ticket holders will get notified about the changes. It is also possible now to download the invoices and tickets in the back end. They can also be resent.

booking actions

Overlapping checks

A check can be activated in the DPCalendar options when editing an event if it should be checked if there is already an event in that time frame. A warning will then be displayed above the input controls.


CSV plugin enhancements

The CSV plugin got a bunch of new settings. Per CSV file the admin can define now which column represents the field of the event. Additionally the delimiter and the enclosure can be set.

csv plugin settings


Beside that we fixed tons of minor bugs and did some small enhancements for a new experience for the Joomla calendar and event manager. The following list represents the full changelog of the new 5.4 version:

  • [#2914]   Overlapping check for events on same calendar
  • [#3540]   E-Mail notification on event change
  • [#3589]   Booking date stop
  • [#1256]   CSV plugin enhancement
  • [#3171]   Smart search end date not in the database
  • [#3267]   E-Mail event like in articles
  • [#3320]   Location display in all layouts on the upcoming module
  • [#3339]   Only allow single ticket
  • [#3486]   Automatic Meta Descriptions?
  • [#3490]   Delete series on front end
  • [#3533]   Adapt loader image like in calendar
  • [#3552]   Don't send ticket when body is empty
  • [#3557]   Language Strings en-GB en-US
  • [#3566]   Re send invoice to attendee
  • [#3568]   Re send ticket from back end
  • [#3614]   Upcoming Filter not working for exact phrases
  • [#3633]   Disable scroll wheel zooming
  • [#3638]   Download ticket from back end
  • [#3644]   Show events count in calendar list
  • [#3551]   Access level new events is not forced
  • [#3574]   Invite email always english
  • [#3575]   Ical sync error
  • [#3593]   Only first invited shown in frontend
  • [#3600]   404 error on booking from calendar tooltip
  • [#3607]   Events Not Showing
  • [#3627]   Links to DPCalendar events generated by tags module broken
  • [#3630]   Schema on events produces errors on location
  • [#3646]   Booking cancel button redirects to roo
  • [#3647]   DPCalender Tickets option deactivate

Kind regards

Allon Moritz aka laoneo
Founder of Digital Peak

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