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With the release of Joomla 3.9, the community got a new suite of privacy tools in core. DPCalendar 7.1 hooks into this suite and extends it with DPCalendar related data. The best part is that this functionality is even available in the free version as we are convinced that everybody has the right for privacy. This and more features are shipped with the newest version of DPCalendar. Read on for the full release note and grab a copy of DPCalendar 7.1 in our download portal or buy a subscription if you need pro features.

Privacy suite integration

With the GDPR law introduced in May 2018, the Joomla community started the privacy suite project to support out of the box the most needed privacy tools to handle properly the privacy of your sites visitors and users. More information can be found in the 3.9 release notes and the official Joomla docs here and here. DPCalendar integrates into the action log and privacy end points as described in the next sub chapters.

Action Logs

The action log component allows to record various user actions, like who logged in, who edited an article, etc. The core provides an end point where 3rd party extension can hook into it and log user actions from the extension. The new action log plugin of DPCalendar integrates this functionality. So make sure you have it enabled.


The privacy tools allows to export and delete user related data. The DPCalendar privacy plugin hooks here again in the core extension end point and adds DPCalendar related user data to the export. The delete functionality is not yet implemented as we want to gather first user feedback what exactly should be deleted as there are sensitive data like payment information in DPCalendar.

dpcalendar 7 1 action log

Sample data plugin

The sample data plugin does install DPCalendar demo events which do cover the most common features of DPCalendar. This is the same data as we provide on our demo site. Basically we do set up our demo site with the sample data plugin now. There are parameters in the plugin which do allow to define if existing data should be erased and the length of the recurring events.

Keep in mind that this plugin does not cover all the different settings and features as they are way too many of them.

dpcalendar 7 1 sample data

Joomla 4 compatibility

As we donate one of the main developers for the Joomla 4 development. It must be logical that we want to provide our extensions for Joomla 4 too. With this release you can install the package on Joomla 4 and it will work in the same way as on Joomla 3. Yes we are one of the first calendar and event management extension running on version 4.
dpcalendar 7 1 j4

Event counter improvements

The counter module is a very popular DPCalendar extension which is widely used. We added some small features to it like a start date or some small CSS changes to even better integrate into any template.
dpcalendar 7 1 counter

Small improvements and bug fixes

Beside the great new features, we fixed some bugs and added many little goodies to DPCalendar to make your life as administrator easier and to offer your visitors a neat event experience. The following list represents the full changelog of the new 7.1 version:

  • [#6033] Add option to hide days in calendar view
  • [#6200] Sampledata plugin
  • [#6204] Start date parameter for counter module
  • [#6304] Webcal link for calendars
  • [#6383] Joomla 4 compatibility
  • [#6432] Integrate into core privacy suite
  • [#6281] Update documentation screenshots
  • [#6071] Send manual payment information in new booking mail
  • [#6072] Show "book now" button in upcoming event module
  • [#6126] No listing of booked event in pdf-invoice
  • [#6145] Event form: Option to hide the map
  • [#6205] Counter should always show seconds
  • [#6206] Do not special align counter text
  • [#6235] Exchange attachments opening in new tab
  • [#6258] Add options to hide more event form fields
  • [#6332] Use the template button font size
  • [#6437] No location picker in the event form for CalDAV events
  • [#6449] Only reload the event for when the room field is enabled
  • [#6472] Smaller image size in default list view
  • [#6430] Google Calendars not showing events with attachments
  • [#6434] Wrong url redirection after selecting a calendar with multiple create menu items
  • [#6438] No Latitude and Longitude can be found when number is set
  • [#6442] Custom fields labels are not translated
  • [#6443] Marker is not shown when creating a location
  • [#6469] When active menu item is a default one, the event url is wrong
  • [#6470] In Blog view crosses the description separator the image
  • [#6471] Resource view in chrome starts always on midnight

We recommend always to make a backup first and do the upgrade on a test clone of your production site to have no unexpected downtime. Also clearing the Joomla cache is a good advice when upgrading extensions in general, not just when upgrading the Joomla CMS.

Kind regards

Allon Moritz aka laoneo
Founder of Digital Peak

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