DPCalendr 8.2

The first feature release of DPCalendar and DPMedia, after Joomla 4 was released, has been shipped today. DPCalendar 8.2 offers a REST endpoint in Joomla 4, neatly integrated with the new core webservice feature. Beside that some improvements are done in the booking process and menu items.

DPMedia is slimmer and contains now a Joomla filesystem plugin which integrates another Joomla 4.1 web sites media data into the media manager. Read on for more information about the release.

As we are approaching the end of the year, we at Digital Peak are proud to deliver the second minor release of DPCalendar 8 and the third minor of DPMedia 1.

DPCalendar Webservice

Joomla 4 comes with an amazing new feature which is called web services. It allows apps or web sites to integrate the data from a Joomla site into their product through an official API. This API is REST based, which is a standard nowadays, and allows to read, write and delete entities on the Joomla site with the JSON format. The web service feature of Joomla allows 3rd party components to hook into it and deliver it's own data through the official core API. Like that the web site ensures a consistent API.

At the moment are events, calendars and locations available by the API. For each endpoint the app can make a GET, POST, PUT or DELETE request to read, modify or delete the data. Full documentation can be found here. How to get started with webservices in general in Joomla, then you can get more information in the official docs.

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DPCalendar booking process enhancements

This time we implemented some smaller features for the booking process you will like. For example the new "Send mail to ticket holders" screen, allows on the front end to send a mail to the attendees of an event.A new page opens where the author of the event can define a subject, message and to which participants the mail should be sent to. The variables from the event are available there through the well known mustache codes.

Till now it was only possible to set a finish date for registration. Thanks to the Joomla founder Brian Teeman, it is now also possible to define an opening date.

Full documentation can be found here.

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DPCalendar read more support

In the article manager you can define an intro text for an article. This is now also possible for DPCalendar. If an intro text is available, then that one is used in the list menu items and modules. If you have a template override of the event view description layout. Then you need to adapt it to add the new intro text.

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Small changes in DPCalendar

We are eager to improve DPCalendar on a regular basis to become the most intuitive calendar and event management extension for Joomla. Beside the big features we added some smaller ones you will like as well:

  • Full screen mode in calendar view
  • Today button in calendar view
  • CSV/XLSX export contains timezone information in bookings
  • The select box script is replaced with a smaller script
  • The my flag in menu items is replaced by a filter for author flag. So it is possible to filter not only by the logged in user, but also by a specific author in a menu item or module.
  • Tooltips in forms are shown on Joomla 4
  • Start and end date options in map module
  • CSV/XLSX exports can now strip HTML tags
  • Core custom field layout parameter support
  • Only translations which are up to 60% full are shipped with the install package. This reduces bundle size.
  • Zoom in browser meeting should always be on top

DPMedia Joomla adapter

Ever wanted to make the media files of one Joomla installation available in another one? DPMedia 1.3 contains a plugin which uses the official media REST API of Joomla 4.1 (yes this is a new feature of the upcoming version). Like that the site admin is able to connect the media data of two Joomla web sites. It also supports caching for real time performance and and local copy support to be inline with your privacy policy.

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Kind regards

Allon Moritz aka laoneo
Founder of Digital Peak

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