Joomla 5 direction

The latest alpha version of Joomla 5 was released this week on Tuesday. It means that no breaking changes will be added anymore and it is time to add Joomla 5 compatibility to our extensions. Beside Joomla 4 and 5, DPCalendar supports Joomla 3.10.x at least till the extended security support phase ends on 17. February 2025.

Continuing our proven release strategy, as it is the fourth Thursday in month, we deliver some new versions for DPCalendar, DPMedia, DPAttachments and DPCases. The following new feature releases are published today for you:

The next chapters are highlighting some of the most important changes in this release window.

Joomla 5

Joomla 5 is just around the corner and will be released in October 2023. There is heavy development going on, where we at Digital Peak are involved too. A pizza bugs and fun event across the globe happens next Saturday where the whole community comes together and does stabilize the code base. So it is the right time to make our Joomla extensions compatible with Joomla 5.

You as a Digital Peak extension user wont recognize any difference, but under the hood we change and improved a lot of legacy code, especially for DPCalendar. Want to test it out? You can get all the relevant information about the latest alpha here or download directly the latest copy from here. While we have your attention, report any bug in the official Joomla tracker, to help making Joomla 5 as stable as possible.

Digital Peak extensions in Joomla 5

DPCalendar: SEF ticket urls

Tickets are connected to an event and do contain attendee information and a QR code which can be scanned on entrance of the event. The Ticket urls in mails or in the web interface of DPCalendar did contain the raw arguments in the query part like option or view. Now they are built in an SEF friendly way and are attached below the "My tickets" menu item, when available. The ticket is identified through the UID attribute of the ticket.

More information can be found in the ticket system documentation.

Ticket SEF url

DPCalendar: Small accessibility improvements

A big topic in web development is accessibility. We at Digital peak strive to deliver our extensions as accessible as possible. That's why we constantly check them and adjust when needed. In this release we made some small changes in the timezone switcher panel, the map module and map view. Kudos for the timezone switcher changes goes to (in particular to George Wilson) as they are using DPCalendar as well and this was part of their accessibility efforts.

More information can be found in the map menu item documentation.

Lighthouse accessibility


We are eager to improve our extensions on a regular basis. That's why every major/feature release does contain also bug fixes and small enhancements as well to improve the stability and performance.

A full changelog is added in the respective download release description on our download site.

Upgrade considerations

There were no big changes in layout files, except that the old legacy class usages are changed to the namespaced ones. This doesn't affect your 4.x sites and are only neccessary when an upgrade to 5 is done. With the backwards compatibility plugin enabled in Joomla 5, the old overrides will even work there.

Kind regards

Allon Moritz aka laoneo
Founder of Digital Peak

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