Writing for joomla contentYou may have heard the phrase ‘content is king’ which has become so well used recently it’s more or less become a cliché. However, it’s true now more than ever before following the Google algorithm updates last year, so if you create regular content for your Joomla site, it’s more important than ever to get it right.

The first thing to consider when planning written content is whether you can actually write well. Google’s algorithms now look for a combination of things to check whether written content is legible.

These include:

  • Excellent spelling and grammar
  • Good use of language
  • A low (ish) keyword density (note that keywords still have their place but ‘keyword stuffing’ should be avoided)
  • Relevance to the website’s industry and other content

What does this mean to the content creator?

Well, if you can’t write and your spelling is atrocious, hire a professional to do it for you. Bloggers and article writers vary wildly in price but there are a lot of them out there so set up a job on Problogger Job Boards and outline the project and what you’re looking for in a writer in full.

Of course, content mills still exist, where you can pick up a writer for pennies, but the quality is generally very low. This is one reason that Google brought out the updates, to address poor quality sites, stuffed with keywords which read atrociously.

Another route is to find an employee that kind write well within the company. You may be surprised who comes forward, there are plenty of budding writers out there that just don’t have the confidence to do it for a living.

Other content

When planning your content, think about how you can mix it up with images and video. Web video and infographics are very popular these days as they are an easy way for people to take in information.

People surfing the internet become bored and distracted very quickly and prefer content that they can disseminate rapidly. This means that videos should be short and preferably, amusing.

Images can be from many sources, but do check out distribution rights before taking from Google images or any other source. It’s not in your interest to be sued for copyright infringement. Again, people love infographics as they provide a strong visual with little in the way of text that isn’t completely informational.

Also ensure that written content is presented in short paragraphs, using relatively simple language, depending on the audience and with white space in between each paragraph so that it’s easy to scan.

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