digital peak 2016

It was a turbulent and amazing 2016 for DIgital Peak! We followed our mission to be part of the great Joomla eco system. With this blog post we want to highlight some of our special moments and to give a short preview into 2017.

Review of 2016

Joomla events

As the Joomla community is organizing Joomladays all over the world, we didn't want to miss some in our region. We attended Joomla day Germany, J and Beyond in Barcelona and Joomla day Austria. All of these events were really amazing. We met a lot of people from the Joomla community, we just felt on a family gathering.

Here is a link to our presentations on these events.


The biggest change for DPCalendar was the revamped booking system. We made the base to easily implement new payment gateways, getting in different ways of discounts, earlybird or user group discounts. Additionally the layouts got split up to easily override single parts and not whole views.

Our ongoing effort is to support multiple frontend frameworks. In 2016 we introduced 100% compatibility with Boostrap 2 and 3. But that's only the beginning, we have big plans to support more in 2017. Beside that we invested a lot of our resources implementing small features which do make the life of the event manager more convenient. Tons of new configuration options were added to tweak the last bit out of DPCalendar.

DPCalendar is growing massively in 2016. Both in code and in extensions. As for now, we ship 27 extensions in our Premium package. Integrations of external systems like Google calendar has grown to 13 which are developed by us. There are more out there which are developed and maintained by individuals. Our eco system has grown, as more and more developers are integrating DPCalendar into their own extensions.


We invested quite some resources into the next Joomla minor version 3.7. It will contain a new custom fields feature, which is a port of DPFields into the Core CMS. Actually we are stabilizing it and fixing some UX issues. Additionally, Allon joined the new media manager team, to brush up the existing media manager for version 3.8. Development has fully started, where we will introduce some awesome new features.

As development for Joomla 4 has started as well, Allon is helping out with some coding tasks in the closer future. We love Joomla, and that's why we try to help in the core as much as we can.

The plan for 2017

DPCalendar 6.0 will come with optimized multi frontend framework support. This means, we will provide adapters for Bootstrap 2/3/4 and UIKit for our views. When there will be a need, additional adapters can be implemented with ease. The calendar view will be improved and more payment gateways will be introduced.

As already mentioned, we want to invest some resources into the active development of the core Joomla CMS, to help, making it the best CMS on the planet! We plan to help for Joomla 4 development, spicing up the new media manager and improving custom fields.

So before the year 2016 ends, we want to say THANK YOU to all our existing and new followers, without you, Digital Peak would not exist. Also a THANK YOU to the whole Joomla community. It's so great to be part of it, you make the web really special!!


Kind regards

Allon Moritz aka laoneo
Founder of Digital Peak

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