The Digital Peak project is pleased to announce that we have recently released our latest version of our Joomla Calendar, DPCalendar, for use with all Joomla 2.5 and 3.x based websites. The latest version of our Joomla event manager software brings a host of new and exciting features that are designed to make your user experience a better one.

The latest Joomla calendar from Digital Peak was released on 8th December 2012, and has a range of new features for your enjoyment and convenience and as always, it’s a Joomla event manager that can be fully integrated into your Joomla website.

New Features Of The DPCalendar Joomla Calendar

The latest version of our DPCalendar is version 2.2.X and this version was released on 8th December 2012 by Digital Peak. The main focus of this release was to enhance your calendar experience with the best map support a joomla calendar should give you.

The new features include:

  • Event map menu item
  • Event map module
  • Multi-location assignation per event
  • Location administration
  • JCalPro plugin
  • AcyMailing plugin

Event Map Menu Item

In the navigation of yur site, you can now create a new menu item which directly points to a map where you can search for events based on a location. You can therefore see all events for any particular location on your Joomla calendar.

Event Map Module

The new event map module offers the same functionality as the event map menu item, but the map remains in a fixed position on the page. You can see a demo of this feature here. On the right hand side bar you will see a map. If you browse through other pages, this map is always visible.

Multi-Location Assignments

This new Joomla calendar feature means that when you create an event, you can now assign multiple locations to the event. This means for example that if you have departmental meetings that are all located at various events or meeting rooms, you can now add all locations. It is also a useful feature for internet and telephone meetings.

Location Administration

In the backend of the Joomla calendar, users can administer locations. This means that users are able to create/edit/delete locations, which can later be used when creating events. On previous version of DPCalendar, locations strings were simply added when creating an event. It is now possible in the new Joomla calendar version to create a location and associate it with multiple events.

JCalPro Plugin

We have now also added in a plugin to fully migrate your JCalPro installation to DPCalendar so that all events, schedules and information will appear fully in your Digital Peak Joomla calendar.

AcyMailing Plugin

The DPCalendar also now features a full AcyMailing plugin to integrate your AcyMailing email marketing and newsletter extensions with your DPCalendar Joomla calendar so that you can deal with email marketing campaigns and newsletters right from your Digital Peak calendar.

If you’d like to find out more about the DPCalendar Joomla calendar or download it, please download DPCalendar here.

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