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This feature is part of the DPBexio Professional subscription.
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The DPBexio payment plugin for DPCalendar can be used for of Swiss QR code bill payments. The booking itself has the state On hold, when not changed in the settings, as soon as the user has finished the booking process. When an invoice is paid, the booking should be activated. The Task plugin can periodically check if there are some paid invoices and does the booking activation automatically.

Configure the plugin

The DPCalendar manual plugin allows to add unlimited bexio accounts to DPCalendar. When the plugin is opened in the back end, then you can click on the "+" button to add a new configuration. There you can fill the following fields:

  1. ID
    The ID of the configuration, must be a unique integer amongst the different configurations within the plugin.
  2. Title
    The title of the configuration. Appears in the drop down in the event form where you can select individual payment providers.
  3. Description
    The description which will be shown on the front end provider selection list when confirming the booking.
  4. Icon
    The icon which will be shown on the front end provider selection list when confirming the booking.
  5. Status
    The publishing status of the payment provider.
  6. API token
    The API token to authenticate the API requests. More information can be found in the Getting started article.
  7. Account number
    The account number the invoice should have.
  8. Send invoice
    A flag to define if the invoice should be sent or not during the booking process.

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