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Certificates are offering the opportunity to confirm their attendance on an event. The "Checked in" state on a ticket defines, that a user has successfully attended an event.

As certificates are mostly issued by an admin, we made them available only for them in the tickets list in the back end or front end. If you have a special use case, please get in touch with us, so we can see if we can extend the availability.

Certificate example

How to get the certificate

When a ticket has the state "Checked in", the certificate can be downloaded in the "My tickets" list or in the ticket details view. The author of the event or admin can download the certificate from the ticket list of either an event or booking or the ticket details view itself. There is also a scheduler task to send out the certificate without any admin interaction for past events. More information can be found in the Task plugin article.

Certificate download

How to override

It is very likely that a site needs a different style for the certificate. A site admin can achieve this with a layout override, to be update safe. The output of the certificate is generated from the layout stored in /components/com_dpcalendar/layouts/ticket/certificate.php. If you have a special requirement, then you can make a template override and copy that file into the folder /templates/{{your template}}/html/layouts/com_dpcalendar/ticket. It is possible to use a limited set of CSS properties for styling. Keep in mind that the template classes like the ones from Bootstrap are not available, as the page is rendered outside of the Joomla rendering process.

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