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DPCalendar has an automated geolocation based tax system. Means that taxes are automatically applied during ticket purchase, calculated by the country of the attendee. Taxes can be configured the way that they are included in the ticket price or added on top of it. More about that later on.

We recommend consulting with a tax professional or an accountant on what may be your best options, plus any applicable laws to your country or business.

Booking form taxes

Tax rate management

The admin can define unlimited tax rates in the back end in the "Tax Rates" submenu. A list shows the already created tax rates. To set up a new one, click on the "New" button on the top left corner. In the form view the admin can define a percentage of the tax rate. The inclusive flag defines if the ticket prices do contain the tax rate already or if the tax should be added on top of them. An unlimited list of countries can be assigned to the tax rate where it should be applied to.

Tax rate management

Inclusive/exclusive taxes

Every tax rate can be configured if the tax is inclusive or exclusive. This means that when it is inclusive that the ticket price will be charged as is. On the other side when the tax rate is exclusive, then the tax is added on top of the ticket price. Lets do an example:

We assume that there are two tax rates, one for attendees from Germany and the other for GB. The German citizens are charged 20% and the British 10%. The ticket price for an event is 50€.

  • If Inclusive is set to Yes:
    Visitors from both countries have to pay 50€.
  • If Inclusive is set to No:
    Visitors from Germany pay 60€ and the ones from GB pay 55€.
  • If Inclusive is set to No for Germans and Yes for British people:
    Visitors from Germany pay 60€ and the ones from GB pay 50€.

This feature makes taxing very powerful and flexible, but also complex, as you need to know exactly what the set up is. The best bet is that you do taxing in one way. Keep also in mind that when you change this flag, that you probably have to adapt the ticket prices as well.

Country management

All existing countries are available in the DPCalendar back end. The admin is able to create, edit, unpublish or delete them. This list of countries is used during ticket purchase and for tax assignment. Unpublished countries are not considered for tax application or as option in the booking form. The country itself does have only a short code, like US or DE. The names to display are generated from language files. Every name of the country is compiled from the string "COM_DPCALENDAR_COUNTRY_XX", while XX is the short code. So if you want to change a country name in a specific language, then you need to make a language override.

Booking form tax rate management

Tax information

In the event details view is the country of the visitor guessed by its IP address. When a tax rule for that country exists, then an information text is shown.

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