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The CalDAV plugin integrates events from any CalDAV server like iCloud or ownCloud into DPCalendar. The only settings you need are host, username and password and the events will be synced in two way mode. If the user has write permissions the CalDAV plugin allows to manipulate the events directly within DPCalendar. This means all the actions you know like drag'n drop or the nice looking responsive edit form from DPCalendar are available for your CalDAV events as well.

The host parameter must be an url which directly points to a CalDAV endpoint like Additionally the calendar parameter must be an existing calendar where the user needs to have at least read permission, on our demo site an existing calendar is private-calendar. The easiest way is to import the calendars from your CalDAV server. To do so click on the import button in the plugin edit form.

Notes for iCloud integration

iCloud has a CalDAV endpoint to integrate your events into DPCalendar through the CalDAV plugin. There are some restrictions to integrate your iCloud events into DPCalendar:

Sharing the iCloud calendar: You will need to make the calendar in iCloud shared by clicking the curly brackets to the right of the calendar. Note at the same time the iCloud server in the link to the public calendar by clicking public . This will bring up a link which will look something like this: webcal:// On the import page of the CalDAV plugin you can define as host and your iCloud username and password.

If you have enabled two factor authentication on your iCloud account or want to protect your password, your can create an app specific password which is different from your iCloud passord. More information can be found here

CalDAV server urls

The following list shows host urls to import the calendars from.








DPCalendar Options

These settings are the same for every calendar configured in the plugin.

Host [Type: Text]
The host of the CalDAV server. For example represents the DPCalendar access point. If you want to fetch your calendars from icloud then use
Username [Type: Text]
The CalDAV username.
Password [Type: Password]
The CalDAV password.
Calendar Url [Type: Text]
The URL of the calendar (e.g. private-calendar).

Plugin Options

Caching [Type: List] [Default: Joomla]
Select whether to cache the calendar data.
The following options are available:
  1. Joomla
  2. Database
  3. Never
Cache Time [Type: Text] [Default: 900]
The time for the cache in sec.
Sync Start [Type: Text] [Default: -3 year]
The relative start date to sync from.
Sync End [Type: Text] [Default: +3 year]
The relative end date to sync from.
Sync Steps [Type: Text] [Default: 1 year]
The sync steps.

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