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This feature is part of the DPCalendar Premium subscription.
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The Meetup calendar plugin integrates events from Meetup groups into DPCalendar through a plugin. More information about external plugins can be found here. The easiest way is to import your Meetup groups to make them accessible in DPCalendar. To be able to import the calendars you need to first get the OAuth credentials as described in the steps below. You will need to have a meetup account in order to gain access to the developer area and import your meetup group events.

Create OAuth consumer

  • Log in on the Meetup API portal with your Meetup credentials.
  • Click on Create new Consumer.
  • Setup your details using DPCalendarMeetup for consumer name, your website you're running DPCalendar on for the website, and the re-direct uri of the format http(s)://{website url}/administrator/index.php?option=com_dpcalendar&task=plugin.action&dpplugin=meetup&action=import.
  • Hit Register Consumer.
Meetup OAuth consumer

Import the Meetup groups

After registration you should see a success message and you're newly created consumer should be available with information.

  • Click on the import button in the plugin edit form.
  • Copy your consumer key and secret obtained from the meetup website into the DPCalendar import wizard.
  • Also include your member ID which can be obtained from logging into meetup, visiting/editing your profile, and your meetup ID number will be located in the url in your browser address bar. It will be of the form{member id}/.
  • Click the "Import" button.
  • The groups should be imported into the DPCalendar Meetup plugin.
Meetup OAuth consumer

DPCalendar Options

These settings are the same for every calendar configured in the plugin.

Member ID [Type: Text]
Profile member identifier to fetch the groups from. You can get it from your meetup profile page url.
Consumer Key [Type: Text]
Please enter your meetup Consumer key. You can get it from
Consumer Secret [Type: Text]
Please enter your meetup Consumer secret. You can get it from
Status [Type: List]
Choose from status the events should have.
The following options are available:
  1. Upcoming
  2. Past
  3. Proposed
  4. Suggested
  5. Cancelled
  6. Draft

Plugin Options

Caching [Type: List] [Default: Joomla]
Select whether to cache the calendar data.
The following options are available:
  1. Joomla
  2. Database
  3. Never
Cache Time [Type: Text] [Default: 900]
The time for the cache in sec.
Sync Start [Type: Text] [Default: -3 year]
The relative start date to sync from.
Sync End [Type: Text] [Default: +3 year]
The relative end date to sync from.
Sync Steps [Type: Text] [Default: 1 year]
The sync steps.

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