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Custom fields in Joomla are a powerful way to implement specific use cases without additional extensions. Actually this feature was sponsored by us to the core. So it is obvious that DPCalendar will use them too as it does already with other core features. Custom fields exist for many different form fields and extend a core item like article or DPCalendar event with more configuration options which are then rendered on the front.

The site admin can set up custom fields in the back end for the following entities:

  • Event
  • Location
  • Booking
  • Ticket

This fields are then available to be filled in the form on the back and front end. They will be rendered in various places, like the detail views, invoices or notification mails.

DPCalendar custom fields


The fields can be set up in the back end, similar to what you can do already with articles. The Fields submenu renders a list of existing custom fields. Clicking on a field allows you to edit it. New ones can be created with the New button in the top toolbar. If you want to create other custom fields, that events, you have to switch the context in the top left select box. When you create a new custom field then you can define it's type, eg. text area select box, etc. In DPCalendar it's now possible create a calendar custom field which allows you to select an existing calendar and attach the event to it. More information can be found in the Fields plugin article.

Joomla has an extensive documentation how to manage and work with custom fields. So there is no point to repeat it here again.

DPCalendar custom fields list

Booking ticket relation

During the booking process are the default fields, like address or telephone number, copied to the ticket. To have the same behavior for the custom fields, the site admin can define in a booking custom field the related ticket field.

DPCalendar custom field booking

Require tickets for event custom fields

There is an option available when you create a custom field for an event which forces the current user to have tickets to see the content. To make this option available, the Content plugin and Fields plugin needs to be enabled.

DPCalendar custom field event

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