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DPCalendar sends out on a couple of actions mails. These actions will be explained below.

Event updates

In the DPCalendar options can be defined for event create/edit/delete actions the user groups which should be notified when an event is altered. Additionally a user group can be specified when somebody is attending an event or deletes his attendance.

Reminders for global DPCalendar events

DPCalendar contains a command line script to send out reminders to attendees of events. When a visitor attends an event he/she has the option to define the amount of minutes/hours/days/weeks before the event happens when a reminder should be sent out. The only thing you as site administrator have to do is to add a cronjob which is running every minute. The crontab entry has to look like

* * * * * /{my-path-php-executable}/php /{{joomla-root}}/administrator/components/com_dpcalendar/cli/notify.php

The path to the PHP executable must be defined absolute on most systems because cron has a limited environment. For example on Ubuntu the path has to be /usr/bin/php. On most cPanel hostings you have to define the path to the PHP executable like /usr/local/bin/php.

The notify script adds some error log messages to the following log file /logs/com_dpcalendars.cli.notify.errors.php. If you want to enable more debug messages change in the file /administrator/components/com_dpcalendar/cli/notify.php around the line 20 the code

JLog::addLogger(['text_file' => 'com_dpcalendars.cli.notify.php'], JLog::NOTICE, 'com_dpcalendar');


JLog::addLogger(['text_file' => 'com_dpcalendars.cli.notify.php'], JLog::DEBUG, 'com_dpcalendar');

Now you can see in the /logs/com_dpcalendars.cli.notify.php file what DPCalendar is doing in depth when it tries to send out reminders.

Reminders for private events

Currently DPCalendar doesn't support reminders for personal/private events as the events are stored differently in the database than the regular DPCalendar events. This is due the fact that the events are stored in the ical format where it is impossible to parse them efficiently during the cron job. This feature my be implemented properly in the future.


All the sent out texts are defined in the language ini files of DPCalendar. Means they can be translated into your language or modified with language overrides in the Joomla language manager. There are variables from the event available which can be used as described in the Output rendering article. The following keys are used for the notifications:

  • Create action
  • Edit action
  • Delete action

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