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A calendar in DPCalendar is a collection of events grouped together. Most menu items, modules or plugins depend on calendars and allow to select a list of calendars to show the events from.

Calendar list

Calendar lists show the calendar tree of the all configured Joomla DPCalendars. DPCalendar calendars are the same as Joomla article categories and can have a hierarchical structure. Batch editing and changing the state of a calendar are supported in the calendar list as well. Columns can be hidden through the columns dropdown on the right side of the table.

Calendars list

Edit calendar

When you click on one of your Joomla calendars, the edit page opens where you can edit the attributes of the chosen calendar. The brief description of the main attributes are:

  • Title
    The name to identify the calendar.
  • Parent
    The parent calendar of this calendar.
  • Status
    The publication status of the calendar (published, unpublished, archived, trashed).
  • Access
    Who can access the calendar and view it's events.
  • Permissions
    The user permissions of the calendar.
  • Language
    The language of the calendar.
  • Description
    A more detailed description of the calendar.
  • Color
    The color of the events of the calendar. If an event has no color, the color of the calendar is used.
  • Default Menu Item
    The default menu item of the calendar where the events should be shown. This applies when you have multiple menu items with the same calendar selected. To avoid duplicate content.
Calendar edit

Delete calendar

To delete your calendars, check/tick the calendars in your calendar list and press the trash button on the top right hand corner. If you want to permanently trash the calendar you have to set the state filter in the calendar list to trashed, then click empty trash.

Private calendars

With DPCalendar users can create their own private personal calendars. When users have access to a calendar profile menu item they can create/edit/delete and share their calendars. This calendars can be managed through any CalDAV app like iCal/iOS, Thunderbird or any Android device.

If your CalDAV app supports calendar discovery then use the following url: {joomla root}/components/com_dpcalendar/caldav.php/principals/{username}

For example to access the demo site calendar you can use the following url:

To make CalDAV fully work on your personal calendars you have to enable the private calendars plugin of DPCalendar!!

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