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DPCalendar has an advanced location management. A location represents a place on earth with a latitude and longitude, a human readable address, custom fields support and multiple rooms definition. An event itself can be assigned to multiple locations and even individual rooms which makes DPCalendar unique amongst the event management extensions for Joomla.

Locations list

Locations can be managed in the backend. Various filters allow to search for a specific location. Also batch editing is supported. Columns can be hidden through the columns dropdown on the right side of the table.

Locations list

Locations manipulation

When editing or creating a location in the back end, then all the fields are shown, together with a map which visualizes the current location. The location lookup field does allow to quickly search for a location to get all the fields updated, including latitude and longitude.

Locations can also be edited on the front end and created on the fly when editing an event.

Location attributes

All locations have the following attributes that can be modified within the form:

  • Title
    A short description of the location.
  • Country
    The country of the location. It fetches the countries from the DPCalendar countries table.
  • County
    The county of the location.
  • City
    The city of the location.
  • Postcode
    The postcode of the location.
  • Street
    The street of the location.
  • House number
    The house number of the location.
  • Latitude
    The latitude of the location.
  • Longitude
    The longitude of the location.
  • Url
    An url where more information about the location is available.
  • Color
    Markers on the maps are rendered with the color of the location.
  • Description
    The description is a free text field which allows to add a detailed text about the location, including images.
Location edit form


Every location supports unlimited rooms. The rooms are used in events for the resource views. This makes it possible to not only assign an event to a location but also to a room of the location. Like that resource views can be set up which do show events in columns or rows per room.

Each room has an id which acts as reference when a room is assigned to an event. The label and description are used while rendering on the front end.

Location rooms

Resource views

With the introduction of rooms it was possible to also introduce fully featured resource views. These views are accessible on a location or locations menu item and do visualize one or multiple locations with their rooms in a grid.

Location resource view


The site admin can define different options globally or per menu item for the location/s views and the form. For example can the form be put into a flat mode so the fields are shown without tabs.

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