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The content plugin for DPCalendar allows to integrate a list of events into any content such as an article description.

The following example will print the next three events from the calendar with an ID of 42. It will render a list of paragraphs, each one with the title and date of the event.

 {{#events calid=42 limit=3}}<p>{{date}} {{title}}</p>{{/events}}


The following parameters can be used within the {{#events}} block:

  • calid
    The calendar ID the events should be filtered. If you want all, including the external ones, put root. If you want an external one like your Google calendar, put g-3, where 3 is the ID of the external Google calendar in the Google plugin.
  • eventid
    The single event ID which should be shown
  • limit
    How many events should be shown
  • order
    The order field.
  • orderdir
    In which order direction they should be shown, as or desc.
  • tagid
    A comma separated list of tag ID's to filter for.
  • featured
    If only filtered events should be included in the list.
  • startdate
    The start date, can be relative like -1week or an absolute ISO 8601 date like 2016-09-23.
  • enddate
    The end date, can be relative like -1week or an absolute ISO 8601 date like 2016-09-23.

For more information about the mustache syntax can be found in the Output rendering chapter.


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