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This feature is part of the DPCalendar Standard subscription.
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The webservices plugin from DPCalendar extends the official Joomla API endpoint of your web site with calendar data. This functionality is offered for developers who want to integrate event data in other websites or mobile applications.

The integrator has the possibility to read/write/update/delete events, calendars and locations. All returned data can be parsed as JSON, which is nowadays pretty much a standard for REST API's.

Make sure the Webservices - DPCalendar plugin is enabled. More information about the core API endpoints and how to access them can be found here. How to enable authentication can be found here.


DPCalendar offers the following endpoints as HTTP requests. The first word is the HTTP method to use. Parameters are starting with a double point. All endpoints are available under the following path "/api/index.php/v1". To get all events, use then "/api/index.php/v1/dpcalendar/events".


  • GET /dpcalendar/events
    Get a list of events.
  • GET /dpcalendar/events/:id
    Get a single event by id.
  • POST /dpcalendar/events
    Create a new event, the body is the data of the new event.
  • PATCH /dpcalendar/events/:id
    Update an existing event by id, the body is the data of the updated event.
  • DELETE /dpcalendar/events/:id
    Deletes an event by id.


  • GET /dpcalendar/calendars
    Get a list of calendars.
  • GET /dpcalendar/calendars/:id
    Get a single calendar by id.
  • POST /dpcalendar/calendars
    Create a new calendar, the body is the data of the new calendar.
  • PATCH /dpcalendar/calendars/:id
    Update an existing calendar by id, the body is the data of the updated calendar.
  • DELETE /dpcalendar/calendars/:id
    Deletes an calendar by id.


  • GET /dpcalendar/locations
    Get a list of locations.
  • GET /dpcalendar/locations/:id
    Get a single location by id.
  • POST /dpcalendar/locations
    Create a new location, the body is the data of the new location.
  • PATCH /dpcalendar/locations/:id
    Update an existing location by id, the body is the data of the updated location.
  • DELETE /dpcalendar/locations/:id
    Deletes an location by id.

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