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OpenStreetMap is an open source project, built by a community of organisations and individuals around the globe. The data is available for free and there is a very good API to integrate into any web site or app.

We list some interesting links which should get you started with openStreetMap:

  • Main Site with tons of information.
  • Switch2OSM has some good tutorials how to do the switch.
  • Nominatim docs do tell you how to set up a Nominatim server for Geolocation setup.
  • AcuGIS is a script to build and set up your own tiles server, based on Ubuntu.

OpenStreetMap is a very mature project and is activated as default option in DPCalendar. It allows you to set up your own tiles and geolocation server for 100% privacy compliance. Something which matters not only since GDPR.

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In the DPCalendar options in the Integration tab you can define the settings for OpenStreetmap integration.

Tiles url

The tiles url delivers the images for the map which gets rendered in DPCalendar. As default is the OpenStreetMap url activated. But they have restrictive usage policy and do only work on low volume, so you are better off to create your own server. How to create your own tiles server can be found in the internet. A good starting point is switch2osm.


For Geolocation lookup is a Nominatim server required. Again we are using here the one from OpenStreetMap, but you should consider to build your own one or use an available web service in the internet. Nominatim itself has a very good documentation how to set up such a server.

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