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This feature is part of the DPCalendar Standard subscription.
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The Event blog menu item shows a blog of upcoming events, similar to a Joomla articles category blog, below a map. Initially is the blog shown for a given timeframe, specified in the options. Through the navigation button, can the visitor browse the events in time.


The map above the events list does show their locations. If there are multiple events on close locations or even on the same location, then a cluster is shown which shows an icon about how many events do appear on that spot. Clicking on the cluster icon will expand the events where the visitor can click on them to show their info popup.

Events blog

Search form

There is a search area available which allows to search between dates and in content. Users are also able to search events in a certain radius for a specific location.

The basic options are empty by default, which means the global settings of component options will be used, but you can override this in the menu link configuration. The search criteria is saved in the session, which means, when the visitor comes back, then the settings are remembered.

Events blog form

Location search autocomplete

If the user wants to search based on locations, then he can start typing a name in the location field. Instantly a search is performed which delivers a blog of locations to choose from. These locations are fetched from the defined maps provider in the DPCalendar options.

Events blog form location


In the blog menu item the admin can set different filters for the events to display only what is needed.

Author filter

When filtering for an author, then only events of a given user are shown within the calendar. There is a special "My" option available which displays only events of the current logged in user.

Location filter

A filter to display only events from the selected locations.

Tags filter

A filter to display only events from the selected tags. Tags can be set while editing an event.

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