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The manual payment plugin can be used for any kind of offline payment, for example manually or through wire. The booking itself has the state Needs Payment when the user has finished the booking. This means the web site admin needs to manually activate the booking when the payment has arrived.

The manual payment plugin shows a text at the end of the booking process with information how to transfer the money to the organiser. This text is also mailed together with the booking confirmation mail. Initially the text is built from the language variable PLG_DPCALENDARPAY_MANUAL_PAYMENT_STATEMENT_TEXT, this offers the possibility to use different strings per language. The language string can be overridden in the Joomla language manager. If you have only one language in use, you can change the text of the plugin directly in the wysiwyg editor while configuring the plugin in the back end.


We are using the mustache templating system to inject and render variables in the language strings. Means you can use a variable like {{price}} in the string and it will be replaced with the real value. More information can be found in the misc chapter in the output article. For every language string below are the following variables available:

  • id
    The id of the booking.
  • uid
    The uid of the booking.
  • price
    The price of the booking.
  • email
    The email address of the attendee.
  • country
    The country address of the attendee.
  • province
    The province address of the attendee.
  • city
    The city address of the attendee.
  • zip
    The zip address of the attendee.
  • street
    The street address of the attendee.
  • number
    The number address of the attendee.
  • telephone
    The telephone address of the attendee.
  • currency
    The currency of the price in the booking.
  • currencySymbol
    The currency symbol of the price in the booking.
  • field-[*]
    The booking custom fields objects. You can directly access every field with the prefix field- and then the name. For example when the field has the name XYZ, you can use the way {{#field-XYZ}}{{value}}{{/field-XYZ}} to render the value of it.


Statement giving to client to show them how they may send the manual payment into you.

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