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All custom fields are managed in the back end of your Joomla site in the Fields menu link.

Fields list

The list of all defined custom fields displays their most important information like the title or state. Common actions like archiving, trashing or batch editing is available right from the toolbar above the list. The Search Tools do help to quickly find your custom field.

backend fields list

Edit a field

When you click on one of your custom fields or hit the New button, the edit form will be shown of the custom field. The most important value of a field is the type. It defines the characteristic of the field. For example a list type does show a list of predefined values to choose from when the editor is editing an item. The brief description of the most common attributes of a field are:

  • Title
    The title is the identifier of the field.
  • Type
    The type does define the characteristic of a field.
  • Label
    The label is used to visually label the field on the front end and the back end label when the editor is editing an item.
  • Is Required
    If the field is required, then a value is needed when an item is saved by an editor.
  • Default Value
    The default value when the field should be prefilled when the editor edits an item.
  • Description
    The description of the field which will be shown as tooltip in the item form.
  • Status
    The status of the field. Values are Published, Unpublished, Archived or Trashed.
  • Fields Category
    The fields category represents a tab in the item edit form.
  • Category
    The categories of the context the field should be added to the form.
  • Permissions
    The permissions do define who can edit the form field. The special permission Edit Field Value defines who can edit the field value and is turned on as default for all user groups. Like that an admin can restrict who can editing the fields values in the item form.
backend field edit form

backend field edit form permissions

Deleting a field

To delete your custom fields, check/tick the fields in your fields list and press the Trash button on the top right hand corner. If you want to permanently trash the fields you have to set the state filter in the Search Tools to trashed, then click Empty trash.

backend fields list trash

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