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DPFields is a Joomla custom fields extension which integrated seamless into the Joomla Article and User manager. Additionally DPCalendar and DPCases come with a DPFields integration out of the box. You won't see any new menu item in your Joomla back end. Instead it integrates into the existing menu structure of supported core extensions.

System plugin control

The DPFields system plugin controls the whole integration of DPFields into existing components through Joomla events. So it must be always activated. More technical details can be found in the plugin documentation.


Sidebar Integration

The entry point to DPFields in a component is always the sidebar. A new entry Fields will be added automatically.

backend sidebar integration

Custom Fields

In the Fields menu entry of the back end, the admin can manage custom fields for the corresponding manager. Every field needs to have a title, label and a type. The type defines the character of the field and can't be changed after the field is saved the first time. Additionally some extra attributes can be defined.

DPFields does come with the following custom field types:

  • Calendar
  • Captcha
  • Checkboxes
  • Color
  • Editor
  • Email
  • Image
  • Integer
  • List
  • Media
  • Article
  • Radio
  • Sql
  • Telephone
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Timezone
  • Url
  • User
  • Usergroup
  • Yes No
backend field new type list

Fill a custom field value

If there are custom fields available for an item in the component (eg. article) a new tab will be displayed called fields. There the editor can define a value for that custom field.

backend edit article field

Organizing fields

Fields can be assigned to a category. The categories itself will be represented in a flat way in the form of the item you are editing. To create field categories click on the "Field Categories" link in the sidebar. This opens the category manager and you can create the stack of categories you want. If the field is not assigned to a category a default Tab is rendered in the form with the name "Fields".

backend field categories list backend edit article field multiple tabs

Rendering the fields

The field will be displayed on the front as default below the standard fields above the description. You can change the place where the fields should be displayed automatically in the DPFields - System plugin by setting the display variable to either after the title, before the description or after it. If you want to disable automatically inserting the fields set the value to No. Then it is advisable to activate the DPFields editor button to place the fields inside the description of the item. 

frontend display article with field

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