The documentation about DPMedia, a Joomla 4 extension which enhances the core media manager.


Introduction (4)

All you need to know about DPMedia and its plugin integration into the core media manager.

Image Services (13)

Documentation for the different image services and storage like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Unsplash, etc.

Media action (7)

Image editing plugins for the core Joomla media manager.

Configuration (1)

How to configure DPMedia for your web site.

Context plugins (5)

Context plugins are adding horizontal actions across all adapters or do allow to work in a context. They are not traditional image delivery plugins.

Joomla plugins (2)

See how DPMedia integrates seamless into joomla core trough plugins like tasks.

Misc (1)

Some helpful articles about different aspects of DPMedia.

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