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The "Content" plugin adds a possibility to restrict core media fields, editor buttons and core media custom fields to individual adapters. Like that can the admin ensure that images are only manipulated in the correct folder. Together with the Restricted plugin it is possible to allow publishers to work only in context aware folders.

It also adds an option to the custom field to turn it into a simple input field without the additional accessibility input fields like alt description, etc.

Please read the Concept of context aware media access docs article where it is explained more deeply how to glue the content plugin with the Restricted plugin.


The plugin adds an adapter option on the following configuration endpoints:

  • Articles options in the "Editing Layout" tab
  • Banners options in the "Client" tab
  • Contacts options in the "Form" tab
  • Newsfeeds options in the "New Feed" tab
  • Tags options in the "Data Entry" tab
  • Users options in the "User Options" tab
  • DPCalendar options in the "Event Form" tab

This option is used for component specific adapters. Mostly they are not needed as the global plugin adapter is enough.

DPMedia content params

Media types

It also adds an option to define the media types of the custom field. Currently are the following media types supported:

  • Images
  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Documents

These media types can be configured in the global media manager options.


The following options are available to configure the plugin:

  • Adapter
    The selected adapter which should be applied to core media fields and core media custom fields when none is set in the component specific options.


Adapter [Type: Adapters]

The following options are available:

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