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The permissions plugin offers the possibility to restrict access to folders in any adapter for the Joomla core media manager.

Please read the Concept of context aware media access docs article where it is explained more deeply about context plugins.

Permissions integration into Joomla


When installed, the plugins doesn't allow to set access for specific folders. The site admin needs to select user groups in the plugin configuration which are allowed to define restrictions on certain folders.

Permissions folder

Define access

When a user, which has access, is logged and opens the media manager. Then is a new action available when opening the actions list. Clicking on this action opens a modal dialog. In this dialog it is possible to select multiple user groups which do have access to this folder. Keep in mind that global admins do not fall under this restrictions at all, to prevent a lock out from folders.

When a folder is displayed in the list of the media manager which has restrictions defined, then a red lock sign is displayed on the top left corner of the directory.

Permissions dialog

See restricted

When logged in as a user and get access to the media manager. Then on every request for the list of files and folders or individual files is an access check performed if the user has access to the media data. All the folders where access is not allowed, are then filtered from the result set.

Permissions filtered list


Allowed Usergroups [Type: Usergrouplist]
The user groups which are allowed to change the folder permissions.

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