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The task plugin offers the possibility to run some background tasks through the core joomla task scheduler.

More information about the task scheduler can be found in the official Joomla magazine.

Joomla tasks

Task: Sync local media files

The local media sync offers the possibility to sync media files, which are served as local files, from the cloud service for specific adapters or all. This means, when a publisher picked an image from a remote adapter like Google drive or Dropbox and local images is enabled, then the file is copied to the Joomla webserver and served from there in the article.

When the file changes on the cloud service, then the Joomla server gets no notification about the update. This task can be used to refetch the changed remote files, so they contain the new content from the cloud service.

More information about local files can be found in the Concept of image service provider integration article or the respective cloud service adapter.

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