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The "Filter" plugin adds a possibility to add some filter like sepia or greyscale on an image while editing it in the Joomla media manager.

Please read the Concept of image editing plugins article to get more information how to get started with the plugin.

Filter functionality for image editing


The following options are available to configure the filter:

  • Quality
    The quality of the generated image.
  • Sepia percentage
    The percentage of the sepia filter.
  • Blur length
    The blur length of the sepia filter. Can be px, em, rem or cm.
  • Brightness percentage
    The percentage of the brightness filter.
  • Contrast percentage
    The percentage of the contrast filter.
  • Grayscale percentage
    The percentage of the grayscale filter.
  • Hue rotate percentage
    The percentage of the hue rotate filter.
  • Invert percentage
    The percentage of the invert filter.
  • Opacity percentage
    The percentage of the opacity filter.
  • Saturate percentage
    The percentage of the saturate filter.


If you need to apply the same configuration to multiple images, then you can create unlimited presets in the plugin configuration. These presets do appear in the presets list while editing the plugin. If you select one of these, then the form controls will change to the preset value.

Filter preset

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