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  1. Install the GAnalytics suite
    Download the latest version of the GAnalytics suite somewhere in to file system. In your joomla backend administration area install the whole suite via Extensions → Install/Uninstall. Now all extensions of GAnalytics are installed. The modules and plugins must be enabled individually.
  2. Activate your web site in the google api console
    Here is the documentation how to activate your web site in the google api console. Without this step GAnalytics won't work!!!!
  3. Import your profile
    Go to Components → GAnalytics → Profiles and press the import button. If the login was successful you should see a list with all available profiles from your google analytics account. Select the desired ones and press Add. Keep in mind you must have setup a profile in google analytics itself already for your web site.
  4. Check your dashboard
    In the Ganalytics profile you should see now your statistics. If you activated your account within the last 24 hours wait for a day till google made your stats available.
  5. Create Menu Link
    Go to Menus → Main Menu and click on GAnalytics. Decide if you want to show the data as list or image (is only available in the PRO version). If you have set up the profile right now, google needs some time till the tracking service for your profile is initialized. Be patient and check the data in a few hours again.
  6. Enable the modules
    Go to Extensions → Module Manager and click on the installed GAnalytics module. Set in the setting Enabled to Yes, give it a position and set show on all pages and press save.
  7. See how it works
    Got to your frontend and see how GAnalytics runs.

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