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Google Analytics


Google analytics is a service to track your visitors statistics and provide them in a intuitive interface. These data is also available as API for external applications. GAnalytics uses this API to fetch the statistics and integrate them into your joomla based web site as charts (PRO version) or lists (FREE version).

There are a few steps you have to do to activate your web site to work with google analytics.

  1. Create a profile at google.com/analytics
  2. Activate your site in the google api console
  3. Import the google analytics profiles into GAnalytics

Dimension and Metrics


In general a dimension is a non numeric data field. For example the visitors browser or language are dimensions. On the other hand a metric is a number which belongs to a dimension or can be standalone. You can combine multiple metrics with one dimension. A more detailed explanation can be found here. The combination of a dimension and a metric must be valid. Here are all available dimension and metrics described and their valid combinations.

GAnalytics supports to define more than one dimension or metric. Be aware that you can use only one dimension in a chart but multiple valid metrics.


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