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GAnalytics shows your site statistics from google analytics. That it works you need a google account and the analytics service enabled. You have to create a profile for your web site in google analytics and import it into GAnalytics.

To be able to import the profiles you need to add a client ID and secret to the GAnalytics options.

IMPORT Profile

To add a google analytics profile you have to import it. Please follow the next steps to import your profile:

  1. Go to Components -> GAnalytics -> Profiles and press the import button
  2. You should now see a list of your google analytics profiles
  3. Select the profile from your web site
  4. Press add

Edit profile

When you navigate to Components -> GAnalytics -> Profiles you will see the list of imported profiles. Normally you have only one profile imported. If you want to edit some settings like the profile name or the login credentials you can click on the profile and you will be forwarded to the edit page of the profile. Some settings can't be edited like the account id or profile id.

The start date is the date where google started to track your site visitors.


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