DPCalendar 5.6.7 Stable

Released on: Thursday, 06 July 2017 00:00

Release information

This is a new version of the DPCalendar Joomla calendar extension. All users are kindly requested to update. Please read the release notes for a complete list of changes in this release.

The minimum requirement for this version is Joomla 3.3!


DPCalendar needs the following environment to run successfully:

  • Joomla 3.3 and above
  • MySQL >= 5
  • PHP >= 5.3.10

Basically DPCalendar needs the requirements of a Joomla installation.


To install DPCalendar, you have to download the package and upload it through the Joomla installer. You can also install DPCalendar through the built in Joomla web installer. After a successful installation configure the component, modules and the plugins and publish them. For more information how to get started with DPCalendar read our short getting started guide.


To upgrade DPCalendar from an earlier version, just install the package or individual extensions with the Joomla installer, DPCalendar will handle the upgrade procedure by itself.

Main changes in the 5.6 series

  • [#3852]   SQL Plugin
  • [#3975]   Exchange support none default calendars
  • [#3992]   Discount for user groups
  • [#3957]   Event booking form time format of menu link
  • [#3970]   Counter Module accessibility, turn off javascript
  • [#3977]   Disable opening an event
  • [#3990]   Forbid Overlapping
  • [#3991]   Manual plugin output translatable

Release notes

  • [#4631]   Paypal Rest API support
  • [#4611]   Remove the limit in the list view
  • [#4653]   Show UID in back end booking and ticket list
  • [#4617]   Booking time now shown in user timezone
  • [#4619]   "Invite"-Button in event-window or popup does not send E-Mails
  • [#4638]   Printing Calendar is broken
  • [#4647]   Exchange plugin displays some events twice

DPCalendar Free

The DPCalendar Free installer package with the component, modules and plugins. You can install the whole zip file in one step.

Subscription: Free Standard Professional Premium
File size: 2.64 Mb
Download now
Downloaded 3066 times
MD5 Signature fd2db7c90774fb38e393dfb47c28e7e5
SHA1 Signature fdbc1a065332d6948995fc03293c4379f37a18e7
SHA-256 Signature 04cfcb7f2f65eb94d700cee55ff615b57365c96ab2762f4ee5c0091ff0d20418
SHA-384 Signature f0e76ea42dbd3bbf6f425c39cfd38279c214d960158e1b049677078325a09f24fa8677d5761b00c3733e10c631fa8306
SHA-512 Signature 4a24d62b9b5e24b44f7c7828c4614cb189c1b1e6756763509c07bd9be456090633d20a2fdfaae03cf3941a4576b918e2a4eb52ca8ec8a67e6488b3c7f13938a9

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