DPCalendar 8.3.2 Stable

Released on: Sunday, 29 May 2022 12:44

Release information

This is a new version of the DPCalendar Joomla calendar extension. All users are kindly requested to update. Please read the release notes for a complete list of changes in this release.


DPCalendar needs the following environment to run successfully:

  • Joomla 3.10.5 and above
  • MySQL >= 5 with the mysqli driver activated
  • PHP >= 7.4.0
  • Browsers: Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera but not Internet Explorer
  • Curl is needed when interacting with external systems like Google calendar or PayPal


To install DPCalendar, you have to download the package and upload it through the Joomla installer. You can also install DPCalendar through the built in Joomla web installer. After a successful installation configure the component, modules and the plugins and publish them. More information how to get started with DPCalendar can be found in our introduction articles.


To upgrade DPCalendar from an earlier version, just install the package or individual extensions with the Joomla installer, DPCalendar will handle the upgrade procedure by itself.

Main changes in the 8.3 series

  • [#8472] Edit, cancel capabilities for a guest/public user with a security token
  • [#8708] Redirection after frontend submission of an event
  • [#8994] Display changed events when saving original event
  • [#9046] Hosts per event
  • [#9048] Render events in contact details page
  • [#7435] Location Form > Flat Mode + Field Order feature
  • [#8636] Send booking mails with the email address of the author
  • [#8955] Send out booking notification mail with address from attendee
  • [#9039] Min amount parameter for booking options
  • [#9045] Ignore Search on List and Blog Views without search form
  • [#9063] Width option for Calendar column in Timeline calendars view
  • [#9138] Load datepicker from input date and not current date
  • [#9156] Add aria label to links on DPCalendar
  • [#9165] Sort ticket holder list by event and name
  • [#9166] Use latitude/longitude from params for back end map in location form
  • [#9172] DPCalendar calendar view should fetch the events with a GET request
  • [#9173] Remove legacy Joomla constants

Release notes

  • [#9209] Hosts table not installed when update from 8.2.x to 8.3.1

DPCalendar Free

The DPCalendar Free installer package with the component, modules and plugins. You can install the whole zip file in one step.

Environment: Joomla! 2.5 PHP 7.4 PHP 8 Joomla 3.10 Joomla 4.4 PHP 7
Subscription: Free Standard Professional Premium
File size: 2.82 Mb
Download now
Downloaded 1342 times
MD5 Signature 5243c8dbdd331e9a53ad1919dae22ae7
SHA1 Signature cdd2d64892286bf95ae1b3312ea20ae4c278b48b
SHA-256 Signature f60495a51896704a5f47bb8b6a87abe65e1331375e0e8a3780eb198f3761709b
SHA-384 Signature 51a2b3c3fe04bed32b82aad12ea356137e8d4aa8f3b0c77875d9e33b4f942a57782c8d0d8170c3a1e4d03694eb3ba1cc
SHA-512 Signature 0f50722d198893da934f0145089041614276dbf6f400a6cf05a23ae4b81027d33a94f21df85e7114a83984bc49d5ac049a51d1bfb6623902503189c2a1e4d224

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