DPCases 3.0.1 Stable

Released on: Thursday, 24 March 2022 09:20

Release information

This is a new version of the DPCases Joomla case management extension. All users are kindly requested to update. Please read the release notes for a complete list of changes in this release.


DPCases needs the following environment to run successfully:

  • Joomla 4.0 and above
  • MySQL >= 5
  • PHP >= 8.0


To install DPCases, you have to download the package and upload it through the Joomla installer. You can also install DPCases through the built in Joomla web installer. After a successful installation configure the component, modules and the plugins and publish them. For more information how to get started with DPCases read our short getting started guide.


To upgrade DPCases from an earlier version, just install the package or individual extensions with the Joomla installer, DPCases will handle the upgrade procedure by itself.

Main changes in the 3.0 series

  • [#8914] Webservices plugin
  • [#8915] Joomla 4 console command
  • [#8267] Do not always load DPCases library in content plugin
  • [#8274] Show also Membership Pro information in case details
  • [#8592] Support multiple categories in content plugin filter
  • [#8594] Lift min PHP version to 7.4
  • [#8597] My cases view should throw a 404 error when not logged in user
  • [#8714] Open parsed case links in same window
  • [#9054] Case text should display all Joomla buttons
  • [#8910] Convert to Joomla 4 DI extension setup
  • [#8937] Rename dpcases table to dpcases_cases
  • [#9024] Trashing Cases displayed in list view
  • [#9051] Get rid of internal choices script

Release notes

  • [#9091] Redirect to details on front save
  • [#9090] Remove invalid icon options
  • [#9093] Deprecated messages on PHP 8.1


The DPCases Core package with the component and plugins. You can install the whole zip file in one step.

Environment: PHP 7.4 PHP 8 Joomla! 2.5 Joomla 4.4 PHP 7
Subscription: Standard Professional Premium
File size: 293.87 Kb
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Downloaded 6 times
MD5 Signature a781f692f42776bd25847506d412fd3c
SHA1 Signature 6abbe239a0dc010c0d6cc745bbebed6b3e28497e
SHA-256 Signature 8438360e272ae748f327174964ad64f4953901998f514c5fb1421fb75eecf5e3
SHA-384 Signature e563b775dacf29f96d9612db71c06822fa8d125590d1fac22a853a6b1375fb267fd711094f006a45d5833e775a199183
SHA-512 Signature 2bb99c497765491c06b4d06de8be7dcdd9a60f19ffa5791f550af00341d008237420755bb15840cc1aa7b38e1a009f55da0127364bf89ccc34643c206c90d90b

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