GAnalytics 3.2.2 Stable

Released on: Monday, 21 July 2014 14:35

Release information

This is a new version of the GAnalytics extension package. All users are kindly requested to update.


You need to have at least the following software versions installed if you want to run this version of GAnalytics.

  • Joomla 2.5.x or above, recommended is Joomla 3.x
  • Google account with Analytics service enabled
  • Mysql >= 5.0.0
  • PHP >= 5.3.0

Release notes

  • [#776] Error on JFBConnect profiles page
  • [#957] Error in GAnalytics Plugin
  • [#1023] Tracking code not added

The GAnalytics Core package with the component, modules and plugins. You can install the whole zip file in one step.

Environment: Joomla 3
Subscription: Free Standard Professional Premium Gold
File size: 661.00 Kb
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Downloaded 1478 times
MD5 Signature e6fff932faf92361b8dd746b5d888e6c
SHA1 Signature 23df9ba64c858330a72102cd60ef465c6f97be29
SHA-256 Signature f9aac1005b8db17f4a7841274ff9e56bf3797d975fd3c0add62a163c1e3f128f
SHA-384 Signature 9b20ec41d864aa0b670a013ae1d4d7022ec6c1dcc78493a27428349a0f849f395b47947f19277b3233e6c4a9c19733cc
SHA-512 Signature 6a33028c20f4cc25b71238cb70b2568be9169c2685df095e56d60023b550a5f57eb6a486cd6607fac19d8992f64270e16961838ac09c6cbf52e75f3fbf0a2726

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