GAnalytics 3.2.7 Stable

Released on: Thursday, 03 December 2015 11:39

Release information


GAnalytics needs the following environment to run successfully:

  • Joomla 2.5.x or 3.x
  • Google account with Analytics service enabled
  • MySQL >= 5
  • PHP >= 5.3.10

Basically GAnalytics needs the requirements of a Joomla installation.


To install GAnalytics, you have to download the package and upload it through the Joomla installer. You can also install GAnalytics through the built in Joomla web installer. After a successful installation configure the component, modules and the plugins and publish them. For more information how to get started with GAnalytics read our short getting started guide.


To upgrade GAnalytics from an earlier version, just install the package or individual extensions with the Joomla installer, GAnalytics will handle the upgrade procedure by itself.

Release notes

  • [#3106]   IP Anonymization support
  • [#2990]   Show refresh token of profile in back end
  • [#3105]   Use new universal tracking code
  • [#2923]   DS constant error thrown when system plugin is not enabled
  • [#3172]   404 when opening page from statistic table

GAnalytics Free

The GAnalytics Core package with the component, modules and plugins. You can install the whole zip file in one step.

Environment: Joomla 3 Joomla 2.5
Subscription: Free Standard Professional Premium Gold
File size: 663.72 Kb
Download now
Downloaded 7944 times
MD5 Signature 073970722906cfd72a431985a69fc40a
SHA1 Signature d214d78d25f40e19168f1b32a48b5d892b55464c
SHA-256 Signature d994c66a8c0b5a83de8ead286013b28f5e3c85ba10da8841c6d9f444f10c17ec
SHA-384 Signature 2c1c29a9fb0d0ffac6ae144c6229c5462d561e2d8a35f39b5663b4cd9d691cff5a21e7242d6608f9b049f1ef44b5997d
SHA-512 Signature c38cfb1def018cfdc0e14a34c805584320d2916c490fa6d57f6842675def47d360c3e7c7032c1e5d76b333ba2e625f94c390801696b396b3f03a4171ca017104

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