Bexio bridge for Joomla

Bexio is a Swiss based accounting and business management service. It allows you to manage your whole cash flow within their service and to talk to it through an API. DPBexio acts as a bridge between your Joomla site and bexio. It is able to sync the users, display invoices in the contact details page or to act as payment option for DPCalendar.

To use DPBexio you need to have a working bexio account.

Sync plugins

DPPexio can sync users to and from bexio and invoices status back to DPCalendar bookings.

Bexio invoices list


Updates the contacts in bexio while saving a Joomla user.


A Joomla scheduler task is able to activate the booking in DPCalendar when the bexio invoice is marked as paid.


A Joomla scheduler task does update the Joomla users with the new contact information from bexio.

DPCalendar payment plugin

The bexio DPCalendar payment plugin offers the possibility to pay for an event through bexio. An invoice in bexio is created and a Swiss QR code bill is issued.

DPCalendar payment plugin


Many options like a custom image, text or account number are available to integrate it perfectly into your site.

Status update

If a booking gets cancelled or deleted, then the invoice in bexio is updated accordingly.

Invoice download

The invoice from bexio is available in DPCalendar, like that is the attendee always able to download it.


DPBexio, a bexio to Joomla bridge, is available by subscription. Please take a look at the table below for the available subscription packages and prices. Once you have chosen the most suitable subscription package, please click on the relevant corresponding ‘order’ button.

You can select from four packages: Standard, Professional and Premium. You will be asked to input your login details and will then be forwarded onto the checkout page where you can make the payment and sign up for the subscription. Once your order is completed, you will have access to the download section of the site and the case management tool for support.

If you have any pre-sales questions relating to DPBexio, please click here to contact us and we will endeavor to answer your queries as soon as possible. We listed some frequently asked questions for your convenience here.

Price 0 € 49 € 69 € 99 €
Buy now * Download Order Order Order
Duration unlimited 3 months** 6 months** 12 months**
Domains unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Content - DPBexio plugin
DPCalendar Payment - DPBexio plugin
Task - DPBexio plugin
User - DPBexio plugin
Joomla 3.x
Joomla 4.x
Joomla 5.x
PHP >= 7.4

* All Orders can be made with the secure paypal payment systems.
** The duration means that in this time you can download the software and updates (including major releases).
*** Caching is not supported in the free version

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