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Intuitive calendar

The core of DPCalendar is the calendar view with different layouts for month, week, day and list grids. Tons of options allows you to perfectly adapt it to your needs, with a map to let your visitor know where they happen.

calendar view


Super fast page load while events are fetched in a new Ajax process.


Slick design which adapts perfectly to your template.


The agenda views can display the events grouped per room.

Easy event management

An event represents an action in DPCalendar. They hold the detail information in a nicely formatted way. They can be setup in a recurring way to illustrate a series of events. Attachments, custom fields and privacy is supported as well.

event view

Repeating pattern

For recurring events, you can define powerful repeating patters which do meet ical rules.

Custom fields

Events do support the native Joomla custom fields.

Multi location

You can define multiple locations per event and also assign rooms of theses locations.

Maps and locations

DPCalendar has an advanced location and map management. We support OpenStreetMap, Google Maps and Mapbox as data provider and tiles server.

map view


Every location can have rooms, which will be displayed in the location view as resource panel.


Geolocation lookup is provided for latitude and longitude determination.


While creating or searching for locations, a lookup field is provided for existing locations in a map provider.

Booking system

Visitors can book tickets for your events. Per event it is possible to define multiple ticket types which can be either free or have a price. The most common payment providers are supported too with unlimited account integrations.

booking form view


You can set up unlimited earlybird and user group discounts per event.


You can offer unlimited additional options for an event like meals or drinks.

Check in

Every ticket has a QR code which can be used to check in on the event.


DPCalendar is fully translatable and every calendar or event can be assigned to its own language.


Native Joomla

Uses the core Joomla language features to support your multilingual website.


Every string in Joomla is translated and can be overridden in the language manager.

+10.44k translations

We have a growing list of contributors which do translate DPCalendar into 49 languages.

External calendars

As DPCalendar has it's roots to be a Google calendar only extension, it is by design made to integrate external calendar systems. At the moment we support CalDAV, CSV, Spreadsheets,Exchange/Office365, Facebook, Google, Ical, JCalPro, JEvents, Jomsocial, Meetup, RSEvents, SQL and even Twitter. Jitsi and Zoom meetings are supported as well.

map view


We have different caching strategies to render the events without delay.


We are using the latest web standards to authenticate against the external systems and do keep the SDK's up to date.

plugin API

To integrate your system, our plugin API is stable and well documented. So there is nothing to stop you.


Through permissions, you can define per calendar who can do or book what. Read logic is implemented through access levels and you can even define who can see the content of the event to mark you as busy.

permissions view


We are as close as possible to the core, so it is logicly that we use the core permissions and access level feature.

User groups

The permissions and access levels can be set per user group.


The permissions are inherited, means you can even define for not logged in users to be able to book events.


DPCalendar Joomla calendar is available by subscription. Please take a look at the table below for the available subscription packages and prices. Once you have chosen the most suitable subscription package, please click on the relevant corresponding ‘order’ button.

You can select from four packages: Standard, Professional and Premium. You will be asked to input your login details and will then be forwarded onto the checkout page where you can make the payment and sign up for the subscription. Once your order is completed, you will have access to the download section of the site and the case management tool for support.

If you have any pre-sales questions relating to DPCalendar Joomla calendar, please click here to contact us and we will endeavor to answer your queries as soon as possible. We listed some frequently asked questions for your convenience here.

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Counter module
Map module
Mini module
Upcoming module
Action log plugin
Content plugin
DPAttachments plugin
CalDAV plugin
CSV plugin
MS Exchange plugin
Facebook Event plugin
Google Calendar plugin
Ical plugin
JCalPro plugin
JEvents plugin
Jitsi plugin
Jomsocial plugin
Meetup plugin
Microsoft Office 365 plugin
Private calendars plugin
RSEvents plugin
Spreadsheet plugin
SQL plugin
Twitter plugin
Zoho plugin
Zoom plugin
Braintree payment plugin
Manual payment plugin
Mollie payment plugin
PayPal payment plugin
QR code payment plugin
Stripe payment plugin
Custom fields plugin
Smart search plugin
Installer plugin
Privacy plugin
Sample data plugin
Search plugin
RSForm!Pro plugin
YOOtheme Pro plugin
Task plugin
User plugin
Webservices plugin
Access to the support area
Joomla 3.x
Joomla 4.x
Joomla 5.x
PHP >= 7.4

* All Orders can be made with the secure paypal payment systems.
** The duration means that in this time you can download the software and updates (including major releases).
*** Some features like attending events or CalDAV support are not available in the free version

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