Dynamic content

>DPFields is a dynamic content extension which is built on top of Joomla's custom fields feature. Did you ever need something more flexible than articles? Now you have a tool to create content types with entities grouped into categories. For every content type you can create unlimited custom fields to spice up the entities with some additional attributes.



Organize the entities into hierarchical categories.


Uses the core Joomla custom fields.


You can create as many different content types as you want.

Sortable lists and filters

Joomla lacks in terms of dynamic content filtering and sortable lists with custom fields. DPFields closes this gap. The site visitor can sort the table in the list view based on the custom fields and can create some filters to display only data which is relevant. It is also possible to define filters in the menu configuration to preselect certain entities which should be displayed to the visitor.

front list

Menu items

Uses Joomla's native menu items.

Native sorting

Sorting is directly injected into the database query for best performance.

Dynamic filters

Users can create unlimited filters to browse your data.


You can create dynamic layouts for the list and entity details view. For example on the list view you can define which fields should be shown in which column and the details view offers to categorize the fields into sections.


UI driven

All happens visually, no need for config files.


The fields can be ordered the way you like.


Multiple fields can be grouped together in the list or detail view.

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